In home renovation projects large and small, there is often a desire to find new ways of adding character and texture to a space.

Andrew, content creator and home renovator behind @theedwardianrenovation, was looking for a way to create a feature wall that seamlessly enhanced the indoor-outdoor living feel of his home.

“We knew we wanted to do something different, and a vertical garden seemed like the perfect choice. We love having it in our dining space, as this is where we spend most of our time together as a family.” Andrew explains. “It makes a statement and works well with the existing furniture in the room. We wanted to go with an inexpensive option that had strong sustainability credentials, so we opted for PlantBox by Growing Revolution as it is made from 100% recycled materials and has a unique inbuilt watering system that makes plant care simple and straightforward.”

There are many other design features that can help encourage a flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass doors create a light, open space, and allow the garden to feel like an extension of the home. Creating a seamless connection can not only make the home appear larger, and airier, but can also create a cosy feel. Being able to sit in the kitchen or dining area, warm and toasty with a cup of tea, with a view of the whole garden can evoke a feeling of calm.

Andrew uses the profile @theedwardianrenovation to document their journey through their second Edwardian home renovation and restoration in South Manchester, this time with two children in tow. 

In terms of landscaping, having the outside patio raised to the level of the flooring in your home can create a continuation and give the effect of an extended room. Perfect for summer evenings enjoying a glass of wine on the patio, while simultaneously keeping an eye on dinner as it cooks. 

Matt Lindsay, General Manager at Growing Revolution, says, “It is fantastic to see how our customers style their PlantBox living walls. This is a perfect example of how they can be installed indoors to create a unique feature and to successfully link your patio area with your living space. The plants can be nurtured to bring colour, smells, and texture into your home. 

“A guaranteed conversation starter, you can even use PlantBox to create your own vertical allotment in the comfort of your own home. You can simply harvest your fresh herbs there and then to season your meals as you cook! That truly is creating an undeniable indoor-outdoor space.”

PlantBox is an eco-friendly, stackable vertical planter, designed to fit in spaces as small as 60cm x 60 cm. It was shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year 2021 award and has a unique inbuilt watering system that judges when plants need water, and avoids overflowing, to make plant care easier with no daily watering required.

Visit to find out more and to shop PlantBox vertical gardens.

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