Cocktail-Inspired Interiors: Renowned Interior Designer Uses AI to Craft Unique Home Interiors Inspired By Britain’s Favourite Cocktails

There’s been a huge surge in home improvements projects in 2023, with #homeinspo racking up 4.2B views on TikTok11.5M on Instagram and ‘home inspo’ Pinterest searches up 10,000%+ from last year.

Responding to the huge demand for home decorating ideas, Alexandria Dauley, an accomplished UK interior designer, has embarked on an innovative collaboration with drinkspiration platform, The Mixer, that promises to revolutionise the world of domestic interiors.

In an exciting fusion of artistry and interior design, the Cocktail-Inspired Interiors project draws from the world of mixology, with Britain’s favourite cocktails serving as the creative muse for crafting stunning living spaces.

The Nation’s Favourite Cocktails, Reimagined As Rooms

Cocktails have long been celebrated for their balance of flavours, colours, and presentation. The Cocktail-Inspired Interiors project takes this concept to a whole new level, using AI technology to translate the essence of Britain’s most iconic cocktails into stunning home decor. Each room in this project – the bedroom, kitchen and living room – has been designed to capture the spirit and aesthetics of a specific cocktail, offering home decorators a unique source of creativity.

With years of experience in the interior design industry, Alexandria has a knack for transforming spaces into unique expressions of personality and style. She explains why she was excited by the fusion of cocktails and interiors: 

“I personally love cocktails and I am also passionate about Interiors, so the chance to combine them is so much fun. Looking at your favourite cocktail and using their colours to inform your design decision making is a very niche and clever idea.” 

Paloma-inspired Interiors

The Paloma is the superstar of TikTok, with 1.6B views, and 135K Google searches. Its pink hue, derived from grapefruit soda, embodies the lively and colourful culture of Mexico. Alexandria envisaged a living room filled with natural light, luxurious pink fluffy fur accents and hand-tinted details in shades of peach. The kitchen has sleek aesthetics, bright internal light and indoor plants to add a touch of nature. The bedroom has a striking chandelier, a warm welcoming colour scheme and lots of soft textures. 

Espresso Martini-inspired Interiors 

With 429.4M TikTok views and 165K Google searches, the popular Espresso Martini presents a seductive velvety darkness, reminiscent of a moonlit night. Alexandria selected a contemporary living room design, centred around a welcoming fireplace, with an elegant array of rich brown furnishings and soft cream walls. The espresso martini-inspired kitchen has dark muted colours and cream marble counters. The bedroom has an equally sophisticated colour palette, with slatted timber and sheer curtains. 

Blue Hawaiian-inspired Interiors

Garnering 38.8M hashtag views on TikTok and 33+K searches on Google, the Blue Hawaiian cocktail is reminiscent of clear island waters. Alexandria decided on a Polynesian-style living room, with exciting details that capture the tropical allure of this drink. The kitchen exudes timeless charm, with pristine white cabinets, a blue tile backsplash and a preppy refinement. She designed the bedroom in a retro Hawaiian style, with earthy wood elements, lush greenery and soothing tones. 

Limoncello Spritz-inspired Interiors

Radiant and invigorating, the Limoncello Spritz has attracted 27M TikTok views and 5K Google searches. With its sunny glow and citrus garnish, this cocktail is a refreshing visual feast. Alexandria chose a vibrant living room with neo-classical furniture and soft monochromatic colours ranging from gentle creams to delicate yellows, capturing the essence of elegant leisure. The kitchen has sleek yellow cabinets and studio lighting. The bedroom exudes the charm of retro-futurism and Palm Springs style, with Middle Eastern details woven into the design. 

Negroni-inspired Interiors

The Negroni is an aesthetically-pleasing cocktail, achieving 300+K searches on Google and many related views on TikTok, including 1.3M views for #negronitime. Alexandria chose an energetic and warm palette for the Negroni-inspired living room to create a lively yet soothing atmosphere. The kitchen echoes the spirit of this cocktail, with a dynamic orange and white backsplash and copper cladding. The contemporary bedroom features the bed as the focal point, with abstract 3D artwork and captivating orange and crimson hues. 

Cocktail-Inspired Home Inspiration – Choose Your Muse

Homeowners looking to elevate their living spaces with a touch of sophistication are sure to be captivated by Alexandria’s one-of-a-kind creations. Alexandria explains how this project can help with home decorating inspiration. 

“Often clients don’t know what essence they want to capture in their homes in terms of colour or personality so maybe your favoured cocktail can help you decide on which style of decorating suits your personality. Use the colours to help with colour schemes. Adding pops of colour through soft furnishings will help you bring that cocktail energy to your home. I am definitely the Espresso Martini of interiors.”

For more cocktail inspiration please visit The Mixer.

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