Having the luxury of a spacious home is not something that everyone can afford. Large rooms with plenty of space certainly seem desirable compared to smaller, cosier rooms due to the possibilities for furniture arrangement and the feeling of abundance.

However, there are several ways that you can either make your home more spacious or trick the eye into believing that it’s more spacious, which is almost as good. Take a look at these tips for inspiration on how to achieve a more spacious home.

Try an Open Floor Plan

Dividing rooms with walls and using corridors as the pathways between them creates the sensation of being cramped and trapped. Small homes in particular, can suffer from too many separate rooms blocking movement and light within the home. A great way to undo this is to redesign your floor plan. Get in touch with an architect and engineer who can examine your property and tell you the possibilities for a layout rethink. Open-plan spaces feel more breathable and free compared to multiple smaller rooms.

Break Down Barriers

If completely opening up your floor plan doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you would consider simply knocking down one or two walls to encourage the spread of light and flow. For example, opening the wall between a kitchen and dining room can make the space more cohesive and enjoyable. Of course, there are some rooms that benefit from not being opened up in this manner, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Extend Upwards

If your home has an attic, seize the opportunity to transform it into a valuable extra room. Introducing an additional storey can make your home feel much more spacious. Remember to think about ladders and loft hatches for accessibility. Extending up into the loft is a fantastic way to make the most out of the existing space in your home without knocking down any walls. Just make sure you check about planning permission beforehand.

Utilise Outdoor Space

You could also consider extending out into the garden, creating more room from the main property. If you have a garage that you don’t use that is attached to your home, perhaps you could convert it into a usable room connected to the rest of the house. Another outdoor method of adding space is to invest in a summerhouse or garden office. This is a small structure separate from the main home designed for hosting guests, relaxing, or working. An outdoor room could be ideal if you ever find yourself in need of some peace.

Convert a Room

You may have an existing room in your home that you never use. For example, if there is an extra bathroom that nobody ever uses, you could transform it into storage or even a small bedroom. Think about how you want to use the space and use your imagination with no bounds. This will help you to be as creative as possible when making your home more spacious.

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