Garages are often used as an extension of the home, storing everything from cars to Christmas decorations, home bars, gyms and miscellaneous boxes that don’t fit in the house! 

But as the colder, adverse weather approaches, outdoor building specialists Lidget Compton have shared their top tips for protecting your garage from winter damage. 

The winter season can be harsh on garages, so it is important to properly look after and maintain your garage all year long but especially in winter. With plenty of rain and wind likely to fall over the coming months, it’s important to protect your outdoor buildings.” says Richard Berry, outdoor building specialist at Lidget Compton.

Top Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Winter Weather 

Clean and Organise

Instead of having to deal with damp boxes once we move into the springtime, get one step ahead by cleaning and organising your garage before the harsh winter arrives. Declutter and dispose of unnecessary items and make sure valuables are packed away safely. 

“Use weatherproof storage boxes and try keep items which could be damaged by damp off the floor” advises Berry.

Weatherproof the Roof

The roof protects the garage and to be sure your valuables will be properly protected, it’s important to check its condition regularly. Remove any debris and look for signs of any damage or water pooling.  

If there is significant damage to your roof, consider replacing it with either steel roofing or fibre cement roofing sheets. Berry advises “speaking to professionals for work which needs carrying out at height, to ensure safety and quality work which will last.” This is especially important in permanent structures such as brick or concrete garages

Check on Windows and Doors

Damp can cause rotting and mould, so make sure your garage is watertight. “Check all windows and doors are properly intact and seal any holes and cracks” Berry advises. 

It’s also important to check the moving parts of your windows and doors every six months to identify any damage which could easily be repaired, as replacement can be costly if issues are left to escalate over time. 

Insulate Your Garage

Consider adding rubber seal to the garage door to keep cold damp air from flowing in and causing condensation. 

For garages which have windows it can be common for these to be just single glazing, which can lead to poor insulation. As a sufficient short-term fix install an insulating film. This clear glazing will act as a secondary barrier against gaps letting cool air in. 

Install Non-Slip Matts

For many, garages are often used as extra fridge freezer storage space, and you may be in and out using this during the festive season. To ensure safety when making quick trips to the freezer, consider installing some non-slip mats in areas you may need.

Check Your Insurance Policy

As long as your garage is within your property boundaries, most home insurance policies will cover it in case of a problem. With harsh weather bound to arrive, it is smart to check what your home insurance exactly covers, whether that may be accidental damage, theft or weather-related damages.  

Keep Winter Essentials Nearby

As the adverse weather kicks in, you may need to dig out the winter essentials, or check you have everything you need. Organising the garage and putting your winter kit front and centre will make tasks like defrosting your car that little bit easier. Keep de-icing spray and any de-icing tools nearby along with shovels in preparation for snow.

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