With a New Year on the horizon and searches for ‘bathroom trends 2024’ increasing by over 400% in the last seven daysmany Brits are looking to invigorate their homes for the year ahead.  

Leading bathroom supplier Sanctuary Bathrooms has collaborated with leading manufacturers, influencers, and interior experts to unveil their predictions on bathroom trends that will dominate in 2024.

  1. Hotel and spa-style bathrooms

Hotel and spa-like bathrooms will surge in popularity in the upcoming year. Envisioned as tranquil retreats, these spaces incorporate soothing colours, luxury materials, and standout features. Homeowners are embracing this particular trend with freestanding bathsambient lighting, and added greenery to foster relaxation and well-being in their bathrooms. 

In a recent survey, 79% of Brits claim they frequently feel stressed,2 so at-home spa and self-care nights are becoming more popular as a result. Supporting this, CEO at Just Taps Plus, Jeevan Seth comments: “We are seeing more designers and consumers incorporating a spa-like feel in the bathroom. It’s a trend that has gained substantial popularity as people seek luxurious spaces that encourage self-care.”

  1. Fluted and curved details

As homeowners move away from faceless neutral bathrooms, fluted fixtures and curved details have become popular for those wanting to experiment with their bathroom interiors. Characterised by their shallow grooves, fluted designs are set to be hugely popular in 2024.

Adding the likes of fluted shower screens or fluted vanity units, along with curved sinks, can add personality, luxury, and a point of difference to the bathroom. 

Home Decor & Lifestyle Influencer Claire Faulkner (@thatcotswoldclaire) agrees: “Fluted and curved details such as fluted shower screens and curved sinks add a much-needed softness to bathrooms, which can otherwise be quite harsh and clinical spaces.”

  1. Wetrooms, walk-in showers and freestanding baths

When it comes to bath and shower trends for 2024, space-saving products are key. Throughout 2023, wetrooms and walk-in showers remained popular, with demand expected to carry through into 2024. Marketing Manager at Geberit, Sophie Weston, said: “Wet rooms are increasing in popularity and will continue to do so in 2024. Alongside being much more accessible, wet rooms are also a great option for smaller bathrooms where a bath isn’t required.”

When it comes to baths, compact baths are set to be big in 2024, allowing people with smaller bathrooms to still have that spa-like experience at home. As Nigel Palmer, Head of Communications Marketing at House of Rohl, which includes brands like Victoria + Albert Baths, added: “We have seen increased interest in compact freestanding baths, suggesting that homeowners recognise they are trying to accommodate them even in smaller bathrooms.”

  1. Bolder colours and materials

Homeowners are becoming more experimental in their homes when it comes to colour. We’re seeing many homeowners shift from neutral bathrooms to incorporate more colour and textures into the space. For 2024, we expect to see a surge in popularity for earth tones like warm terracotta and burnt oranges, alongside blues, greens, and purples. 

Emilie Fournet, an Interior Designer from London, (@emiliefournetinteriors) said: “The shift towards neutral and warmer hues will carry on. Gone are the stark white bathrooms, and people are moving towards the earthy and warmer colours.”

  1. DIY bathrooms

In the current economic climate, people are increasingly cost-conscious in home renovations and searches for  ‘DIY bathrooms’ have increased by over 50% in the past month3 alone.

DIY tile, wall and floor panelling has gained popularity as an easy way to transform a bathroom on a budget. Its ease of installation, diverse design choices, and affordability, empower individuals to transform their bathrooms and add personality without the permanence of undergoing a full renovation. Homeowners can also paint their own baths if they want to easily make a statement on a budget. 

Commenting, James Roberts, Director of Sanctuary Bathrooms adds:“Trends are hugely important in shaping product offering and catering for demand so it is always important to stay in the loop with what customers are looking at. This is especially vital in the financial climate where customers are having to revise budgets & make their pounds work harder by investing in a more long-lasting bathroom space.

“Trend predictions for 2024 show a recurring focus on some of the most popular themes we have seen in recent years including biophilic design, spa-like features, and a move towards more personalisation.

“Despite this, our experts also note some subtle and key differences in areas such as colour, style and design, with reds, browns, and fluted details all likely to be prominent.”  

For more information on more upcoming trends for 2024, please visit: https://www.sanctuary-bathrooms.co.uk/journal/2024-bathroom-trends-products-design-colour-and-tile-trends 

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