A den is a space in your home where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy your personal time. Whether you have a dedicated room or just a corner to work with, creating the perfect den requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail.

With that in mind, read on to find out more about how to create the perfect den in your home so you can have somewhere to call your own to enjoy.

Assess The Space

home denBefore you can start designing your ideal den, you’ll need to assess the space you have in your home. If you have a spare bedroom, a study, or perhaps a dining room that isn’t used much (or at all), you might be happy to turn any of those into your den. However, if you currently use all your rooms and still want to have a den, what are your options?

One thing you can do is to transform your garage into a den. Install some good lighting, look into the right kind of garage floors, and paint the walls a light colour to make it into a more comfortable space. Depending on your budget, you might also add some windows and perhaps a ‘proper’ door so you don’t have to open the main garage door all the time.

If you don’t have a garage, a garden shed can be ideal, or you might choose to transform your loft. It will depend on your needs and how much it will cost.

Create A Cosy Layout

The main thing you need from your den, no matter how big it is or where it is in your home, is for it to be cosy and comfortable. One way to ensure this happens is to create a cosy layout. Choose plush furniture like an big armchair, a recliner, or a soft sofa. Bean bags are another excellent option. Don’t forget to add texture and layers in the form of blankets and throws. These are functional but also give the room a relaxed feeling.

home denOnce you know what furniture you have, you can work on the layout that you want. Think about what you’ll be doing in the den. If it’s going to be a space for chilling out and relaxing, you might want a different layout compared to a space that’s all about gaming or playing instruments, for example.

Choose The Right Colour Palette

The choice you make about the colours to use in your den will have a big impact on the final look of your den, of course, but the colours will also have an impact on how the room feels. If you want a comfortable atmosphere where you are happy to spend plenty of time, you’ll want to choose colours that allow for this.

Earthy tones like cream, brown, grey, or green can make a room feel soothing and relaxing, whereas brighter colours like red and orange can make you feel more energised. Research the different colours before you use them in your den as you don’t want to create the wrong feeling by mistake.

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