Are you trying to revamp your bedroom in a stylish way? Velvet upholstery fabric is a stylish option that can significantly alter the look.

With just a few simple steps, you can effortlessly incorporate this cosy fabric into your space to create a timeless and opulent look.

Top Tips to Follow

Any bedroom can feel more opulent and elegant with the addition of Linwood velvet upholstery fabrics, but to make the most of it, how should you incorporate velvet fabrics into a bedroom design?

Consider the surroundings in which the velvet will be used. Is the bedroom formal or informal? Choose rich colours like navy blue, plum, or burgundy if it’s formal. If it’s more informal, neutral tones like beige will work. If your walls, flooring, and overall room decor match, you can use richer colours like red or purple on occasional chairs.

Of course, even if the velvet fabric in your desired colour is not available, you can always choose another fabric, like chenille or silk, and then accessorise it with velvet pillows and cushions.

For bedrooms with few colour accents, covering the armchairs that stand on either side of the bed is a great idea. However, in more boisterous bedrooms, consider coordinating two additional sizeable pieces, such as an accent chair and a sofa, in two complimentary colours from the same family of hues.

For example, if you have chosen olive green wall paint colour paired with burgundy curtains, go with one of them in velvet fabric for either armchair or sofa plus additional throw pillows embellished by the same colourful cushions on the bed once again using the same colour family’s range checkered prints to pull everything together.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Incorporating Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Don’t assume all upholstery fabric is created equal: There are many types of velvet upholstery fabric, so it’s crucial that you pick one that fits your room and way of life. The frequency of use and potential for excessive wear and tear of the furniture should be considered when selecting the type of velvet fabric.

Pick the right colour: With velvet, not all colours come across equally well because they have distinct tones when the fabric is used. When using velvet, blues, for instance, frequently take on a darker hue than lighter shades; bear this in mind when choosing colours!

Avoid delicate fabrics: Since velvet upholstery fabrics are more delicate than other types of fabrics like linen or cotton, choose something that won’t easily snag or fade when incorporating the fabric into your bedroom.

Velvet is better than other materials at absorbing dust and pet dander. If anyone who uses the furniture frequently has allergies, look for an allergen-resistant material like faux leather or microfiber instead!

Pick heavy-duty cleaning supplies:  If it’s treated properly, velvet upholstery can withstand dirt and spills well, but you shouldn’t undervalue the significance of using the right cleaning tools to preserve its appearance and texture over time!

Pick a cleaning product made especially for delicate fabrics like velvet, and be sure to carefully follow any directions!


Finally, velvet upholstery material is a stylish and opulent option for bringing life to your bedroom design. Let your personal style influence the fabric you choose, whether you want to flaunt the opulence of velvet or go for a subtle look with velvet blends. Use combinations with other components to highlight the elegance of velvet and highlight the details of your bedroom’s decor.

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