Spring is known as the time of new beginnings and transformations, so why not reflect this within your home? After months of cold, dark weather, spring brings light and colour — two themes which can be incorporated into your interior decorations. 

Here at BoConcept, we’ve put together our top tips on how to decorate and refresh your home for the spring season. 

spring decor

How do I refresh my living room for spring?

Your living room acts as an important focal point of your home. Giving this room a spring refresh can really help to lift and brighten the overall feel of your house. If you spend lots of time in this particular room, make sure you give it a spring clean before decorating.

Switch up your cushions and rugs

Winter is the time for cosy, long-piled rugs and dark-toned, velvet cushions to adorn your living room. But once spring arrives, it’s time to swap those accessories with lighter and brighter ones. Try opting for light-coloured cord cushions and tencel rugs to reflect the light. Remember, the key with spring decor is to create an airy and fresh feel.

Incorporating the colour white into your rugs, cushions and other fabrics is another great way to create that refreshed spring feeling. In fact, white is one of the best colours for helping light to bounce around a room. Some even argue that it’s the brightest colour of all!

spring decor

Use flowers and vases

There’s nothing more spring-like than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. From pinks and purples, to oranges and yellows, the colour options are endless. You can pick flowers that match the colour of your living room, or try having contrasting bouquets placed in different areas. Using flowers helps to bring some of that lovely spring nature into your home.

When looking for a vase to place your flowers in, search for elegant glassware or shiny ceramics. In particular, tall vases work well with singular flowers, whereas bell-shaped vases are perfect for a larger bouquet. 

How do I decorate my bedroom for spring?

Your bedroom should always be a place of relaxation, peace and comfort. Whilst it may have been a warm and cosy oasis during winter, spring decor can bring its own kind of tranquillity. 

Choose a new colour paint 

The colour of your bedroom walls can play a big part in the overarching personality of the room. Calm neutral tones such as pale grey, white, dusty blue, muslin and baby pink are popular spring colours. 

If you opt for one of these more gentle shades, you can add bolder splashes of colour with the furniture and accessories you place in your bedroom. Bold statements of colour against neutral toned walls often work as a great combination. 

Plus, there’s even the option to add some wallpaper to either small or large sections of your bedroom. Patterned wallpaper adds variety to the texture and there’s plenty of floral or spring-themed designed to choose from.

Try lighter bedspreads and throws

As the months get warmer, choosing lighter bedspreads and throws is a sensible option. But these lighter fabrics can also bring a more elegant feel. Plus, your bed is likely to be a real feature of the room, especially if it’s centrally positioned. For this reason, opt for linen or cotton materials in calming, neutral colours to create a spring centrepiece. Alternatively, why not opt for a patterned bedspread with a subtle, floral design? 

But remember, throws and bedspreads aren’t just for a main bed. Make sure to freshen up your daybeds and armchairs too. These furnishings can make stylish stand-out pieces, especially if you choose bold colour materials to drape over them. And why not mix up the texture too? Try using a few different throws on chairs and daybeds to create a comfortable yet eye-catching spring design.

How do I decorate my kitchen for spring?

The kitchen is another important part of your house which can be easily refreshed for the spring season. From centre islands and tables to cabinets and shelves, there are plenty of spaces within a kitchen to redecorate. 

Update your lighting

Spring is, of course, all about natural light. But on those cloudy days and early evenings, artificial light can be just as good. Since this season is a time for rebirth, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your lighting to something more modern and sleek. 

spring decor

Pendant lights are perfect for hanging above kitchen tables and islands, shining light on the important places in a chic and stylish way. Have a look for grey, silver or light gold pendant lights to keep with that neutral theme. 

Elegant floor lamps can also make the perfect addition to your kitchen. These can be placed in dimmer areas, keeping the whole room out of the dark. And if you want to give these lamps a special spring design, try wrapping some artificial ivy around the poles/bases. 

Organise and refresh your cabinets

If there’s ever a good time to declutter, it’s definitely spring. Clean, organised kitchens help to bring a sense of simplicity. And once you have tidy tabletops and counters, you can add some decorative accessories for a splash of creativity. Neutral-toned bowels, floral sculptures and flower vases all help to add some interest to those larger furnishings.

In addition, dressing your table with elegant tableware is an easy but effective method of decoration. Use white or colourful dishes and cutlery to keep with the theme of spring. 

spring decor

Cabinets are a big help when it comes to organising a kitchen, but don’t forget to give these a touch of spring decor too. If the knobs of your cabinet are a little dark and plain, swap them with something brighter. Bold coloured knobs against a more subtle background colour creates a fun, modern style.

Spring decor design doesn’t have to be difficult. Focus on switching those cosy, warm tones for lighter colours and furnishings. By following the above interior design tips, your home will be transformed and ready for spring! If you’d like a little extra advice with decorating your home, our interior design service can give you the help you need

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