With the warmer months approaching, many of us will be opening our homes to our loved ones to join in with all the seasonal festivities; whether it’s hosting a Eurovision party, firing up the barbecue, or having people stay over for the night.  

And, as recent search data from interior retailer ScS suggests, it seems that Brits could be looking to start those preparations now; items such as sofa beds, tables and chairs, along with topics around guest bedrooms and protecting furniture, all reach a seasonal high in early May meaning people are on the lookout for ways to make their homes more accommodating for company.  

Whilst hosting can be a lot of fun, when the party is over and you have a home to restore, regret might start creeping in making you wish you’d suggested other plans. However, ahead of important national events such as the King’s Coronation and Eurovision, ScS’ interior stylist, Vicki Foster, has teamed up with cleaning expert Sarah Dempsey from MyJobQuote, to share five key steps for how to reset your home after entertaining guests, so that it can quickly be restored to a calm and tranquil space.  

Clean as you go  

To prevent a laborious cleaning job when your guests leave, Sarah recommends to “clean as you go if you’re having guests over for a few days as dust will build up quicker than usual due to additional people and foot traffic in your home.  

“If you do notice any dirt on the floors, do a quick sweep of hard floors or a speedy vacuum on carpeted floors so you’re not dealing with it at a later date. All surfaces in your home should also be wiped over with an antibacterial spray once a day, with a key focus on the busier areas of your home such as the kitchen and the bathroom.” 

Put all your furniture back  

“It’s common to move furniture around to accommodate more people in a room, but it can quickly make the entire space feel off.” Vicki comments “Once guests have left one of the first jobs you should do is restoring items to their original place as this will immediately bring back the structure to your room. Start with the bigger items such as sofas or tables which will take more energy to move, and then follow this with any smaller pieces. After that you can begin cleaning down the surfaces.” 

Revive your sofa  

cleaning after guestsSarah says “With your sofa being one of the most inviting areas in the home, it’s going to have received plenty of attention over the course of having your guests round.  

“Start by removing any throw cushions and take them outside, giving them a good shake to remove any dust. Then use the upholstery head on your vacuum and start by hoovering the cushions and seating in a sweeping motion. If your cushions are detachable, make sure to take them off the couch and use the crevice tool so you can get any dust, dirt or bits of food that may have fallen down the back of your sofa. 

When putting your sofa back together again, Vicki suggests that you “turn the cushions over to help retain their shape or dipping where you’d normally sit. Make sure to fluff them up using a punching motion so they appear extra plump. Finish off with any throws or scatter cushions to make it feel homely again.”  

Pay close attention to any stains or grease 

“Having guests around where food and drink is involved could spell disaster for soft furnishings but there are ways to ensure they’re protected” Vicki explains. “If there are any spillages it’s best to react immediately by taking kitchen roll or a clean towel to soak up as much of the stain as possible, but don’t rub as this could make the stain worse. After that it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s guide to treat the rest of the spillage as varying fabrics will need to be treated differently.” 

When it comes to grease marks, Sarah advises using “a solution of white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. This can easily be applied to hard surfaces such as a table or countertops and wiped with ease to get rid of the greasy grime.” 

Let finishing touches bring in freshness 

Vicki suggests: “Once your home is restored to its former glory, look at some finishing touches that can make the space feel fresh and totally reset. Things such as fresh flowers or scented candles can be the pièce de résistance and rejuvenate the space after sharing it with others.”  

For more information on how to clean your sofa, please visit https://www.scs.co.uk/inspiration-hub/sofas-fabric-and-leather/quick-tips-clean-your-sofa.html 

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