With Summer nights not too far away, we look to prepare our gardens for the warm weather and their relaxing long evenings. Creating an inviting and luxury ambience in your outdoor space is all in the detail.

French gardens are distinguished by their formality, symmetry, and control over nature, whereas in the English gardens you will note a more natural appearance, informal layout, and incorporation of varied plantings and landscape features.

Embrace summer nights with a continental look with some chic french influenced decor.

Focal Littora – from £499

Bring the sound of the French Riviera to your home, with the Focal Littora outdoor speakers. Designed to bring high-end sound in a discreet, hard-wearing package, that is water and weather-resistant. The range includes three products specially developed to bring high-quality sound to outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, pool areas, outdoor kitchens, and more.


Cornilleau Play-Style dual-purpose table tennis tables – priced from £1895

Cornilleau has been crafting competition-grade table tennis tables for indoors and outdoors since 1969. It’s a Table Tennis England partner and approved by the Federation Française de Tennis de Table (FFTT) – perfect Olympic preparation.

The French brand has just come to the UK, bringing with it an innovative Play-Style range. These are tables designed to do double duty as a high-style table – for indoor or outdoor use – and a table-tennis table. From serving up meals to serving up a smash, Play-Style is ready.

All tables are made in France with a guarantee up to 10 years and 20 years parts availability. This mark of quality dates all the way back to the brand’s origins – a family-run firm of precision cabinetmakers established in Bonneuil-les-Eaux, France in 1946. 


Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Addressable Outdoor String Lights – from £89.99

summer nights

Nanoleaf Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights are a new addition to the Essentials Matter line and mark the company’s first-ever outdoor lighting products, bringing the magic of dynamic gradients and warm ambience to your home’s exterior spaces, lighting up patio areas, backyards and gardens all year round.

summer nights

The lights will also come with a new collection of pre-set lighting Scenes, along with access to thousands of additional Scenes in the Nanoleaf app. The lights can also be used with Nanoleaf’s new Orchestrator software, which creates captivating colour and light shows with unmatched real-time music analysis and beat detection.

– https://nanoleaf.me/

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