Finally, it’s summer and a heatwave is here! What better thing is there to do in summer time than sit outside, soak up the sun, host gatherings and cook BBQs in the garden.

Life is good but, when you step outside onto your composite decking on a hot day and it’s too hot to stand on, what should you do?  

Allan Jefrrey, Managing Director Ultra Decking has listed the 5 best ways to cool down your composite decking this summer: 

1. Buy a lighter colour (if you haven’t purchased it already!) 

Some key information is the colour, as the lighter the colour the less heat gets absorbed. So lighter colours are most definitely better for summer months. 

2. Add outdoor rugs 

Some good tips from gardeners over the years are that when their composite decking gets too hot to walk on especially in the darker colours, they add outdoor rugs in lighter colours.

 3. Create shade 

You can also add a pergola and awnings, these not only provide some shade and enable your decking to be cooler they are also extremely popular due to the design and benefits not only in performance but looks.

4. Mist fan 

A misting fan is an option if you want to go all out in style. Misting fans that are connected to your plumbing system or a water source spray jets of cool water to significantly reduce the temperature. Or equally, you could just spray it down with the hose pipe – but make sure you don’t slip!

5. Decking expands 

Whilst this one isn’t going to stop you from burning your feet it’s important to keep an eye on your decking in the heat as it can expand. The gaps in your decking are important, so if you notice the boards pushing up, it’s a sign that not enough expansion gaps have been left – and this will need looking at. 

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