The concept of One-Off cleanliness is defined by those who have their homes in continuous chaos. Even if you do weekly cleaning, for example, you can’t keep track of every corner of the house and every detail.

In other cases, it is more important to keep in mind the visual cleaning, i.e. to keep things tidy, to keep them in order, and to keep sanitation to a minimum. But a perfectly clean house is more than that. 

As you know, our team is in charge of deep cleaning services, among other services we pride ourselves on. It is a sector of great interest because this kind of action ensures the necessary hygiene in all respects for a healthy home and a healthy environment. Especially when the home in question is also home to children, it is hoped that the story will be repeated at an interval of time, providing the little ones with a sanitized space. 

What Deep House Cleaning involves: 

Certainly in the past when there were no such cleaning companies, one-off cleaning was left to the housewives. They set aside time for themselves to complete this task within eight weeks – on average, depending on the surface area – with difficulty, one might say. There were no means, equipment, appliances, and all sorts of products to make their work easier. So imagine cleaning without a vacuum cleaner. 

But necessity teaches you and so housewives set a standard of cleanliness. Rules of this “game” that we can now say are simple theories, basic to house cleaning. Here is what this process entails and also what you will get if you request this service from the Deep Cleaning Teams

* Vacuuming, the classic method of dust removal. It also includes carpet cleaning, with special coating and detergents that we provide and do not charge separately. We also have a machine with a disk and an injection-extraction machine for removing stains. 

* Floor cleaning, whatever its type 

* We clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens 

* Wiping furniture and other furnishings and appliances present in the space, whether decorative or functional. This includes lighting fixtures, radiators, and also 

* Clean ceilings, walls, outlets and baseboards 

* On windows not only the sill and the window itself are cleaned, but also the frames 

In other words, everything that is part of a home, down to the smallest detail, will be a point of interest to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Don’t omit areas that are usually left to the end or ignored. Such areas can be very dirty, accumulating more dust and bacteria than you might think. 


It is preferable to call in the specialist team to carry out the cleaning frequently. Even if time does not permit, a simple cleaning with us will bring you benefits. And costs are lower, as general cleaning will not be needed more often as the home is properly maintained, opting for frequent cleaning. 

Don’t forget carpet cleaning. They retain a lot of dust and spread it around on the carpet which is still used in this way. They can be easily cleaned by our team, without the need to travel. Thanks to the equipment we have this type of cleaning can be done at home with maximum effect. 

In the end, it’s all about how you like to live your life. Cleaning is not supposed to turn your home into a museum, but it should provide you with a pleasant and sanitized environment because your health can also be influenced by your home. 

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