From adding a simple water feature or hot tub, to building a full-on pool house or garden office, many people have been inspired to give their garden the ultimate makeover this year.  

In fact, searches for the term ‘garden makeover’ have increased 156% year on year, with people wanting to spend more time outside or even looking to increase the value of their homes on the market. 

It seems like many are also willing to part with their cash to help make their dream gardens a reality. According to new research by Crown Pavilions, Brits are spending a whopping £5,783 on doing their garden up on average.  

Beautiful wooden terrace with garden furniture surrounded by greenery on a warm, summer day

But how does a garden improve the value of your home?  

According to Cat Sollis, a realtor expert and Senior Digital Operations Manager at Dawsons, the bigger your garden, the more value it’s likely to add to your home. “Gardens are highly sought-after and having one can increase your property’s value by as much as 16%, depending on the size, location, privacy and extra features. Just as more square footage can add value to a home’s interior, more garden space generally adds value, too. In recent months gardens have become a must have for many potential home buyers.” 

However, for those who can’t afford to or are unable to extend the size of their garden, Cat has identified the top garden features to invest in that can make your home more sellable. 

The top 10 garden attributes that bring the most value: 

  1. Location 
  1. Size 
  1. Privacy 
  1. Garden office/room 
  1. Decking/landscaping 
  1. Security/ fencing 
  1. Greenhouse 
  1. Vegetable patch 
  1. Barbeque 
  1. Garden statues/ornaments 

Cat explains; “barbecues, decking, vegetable patch, greenhouse, lighting, pond, playground equipment and ornaments are all fantastic features that will help make your garden and home more sellable, however these do not necessarily increase the property value just by being there.” 

Crown Pavilions has delved further into finding out what garden features people are spending the most money on:

The top 10 items that Brits say they have spent the most money on:

  1. Barbecue
  1. Decking 
  1. Vegetable/fruit patch
  1. Lighting
  1. Greenhouse
  1. Garden office
  1. Pond 
  1. Playground equipment
  1. Garden room  
  1. Garden statues/ornaments

“There are endless ways to make the most out of your garden. Building a dedicated area for your hobbies, a tranquil work environment, a fully functional home gym, yoga studio, playhouse or garden office, can add real value to your home”, says Luke Dejahang, CEO & Co-founder of Crown Pavilions. 

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