The team at Hillarys have done a little research, and In the last 3 months, google searches for ‘green interior’ has risen 53%, and it continues to rise as we enter spring. 

Yvonne Keal, Senior Product Manager, has put together some styling advice on incorporating green in the home. 

“Choose whichever shade of green is to your taste and incorporate it into your décor easily and affordably” 


Sage green at the window…

“Adding a touch of green into the home is the perfect décor solution to compliment those lighter evenings that springtime brings. A soft and gentle shade added through a few subtle accents creates a warm, welcoming and well-balanced space for all to enjoy.”


Go boho with green and rattan…

“The beauty of a boho style room is that it looks effortless and rich in free spirit. Not only can you use plants alongside rattan furniture to represent that connection to nature, you can heighten the boho look with a deep green roman blind pulled down in the background.”

Drench the walls in a deep tone


Use green to enhance height…

“Leaving the ceiling and top edge of the wall crisp white whilst painting the rest of your walls olive green will visually extend the height of your room, so the room feels taller than it really is!”

Compliment green with a patterned rug…

“Rugs are a great complimentary accessory for green walls and they are easy to switch up too. A monochrome rug paired with some artwork on the wall can brighten a space and create that modern feel.”

Pair with complimentary colours


Pink and green are a match made in heaven…

“The two colours work best when one is more dominant than the other is. For example, walls drenched in a pastel pink shade are complimented nicely with a pop of green, through a statement piece of furniture for example.”

Green serene in the bathroom


Go tropical…

“The great thing about green is its association to nature, and what better way to bring nature into the home than with tropical prints and plants in the bathroom. Create a rainforest-inspired bathroom for that fresh and trendy finish. “


Make a statement…

“Use darker green florals and biophilic wallpaper designs to add depth and drama into the most relaxing room in the house.”

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