If there is one thing any traveller could do with having more of, it’s space!

Whether you’re venturing out in your van or trailer, we know how important it is to be comfortable on the road.

Having the essentials at hand is a must, so to keep a smile on your face as you travel around, finding smart ways to store your necessities is a must. We’ve come up with some brilliant hacks that will make your mobile home feel as spacious as the great outdoors. Let’s dive in!

Go Vertical

First up on our list of handy hacks is going vertical. Have you ever thought about how much you can store on your walls and doors? Adding shelves can transform your walls into a storage powerhouse for all your essentials.

Don’t overlook the backs of doors either – they’re perfect for hanging organisers that can hold everything from your toiletries to tools. Another great idea is to use magnetic strips to keep metallic items like scissors and keys in place and out of the way.

Invest in Built-In Storage Units

Now let’s pay attention to built-in storage units aka your new best friends on the road. Why not have a bench that doubles as a storage chest or a bed with hidden drawers underneath? These are not only excellent space savers but will keep your prized possessions snug and secure as you travel.

From your clothing to cooking equipment, there are plenty of built-in storage units you can house in your van or trailer that won’t take up any extra room. You’ll be amazed at how much you can cram into them, and they blend wonderfully into your layout too.

Opt for Collapsible and Dual-Purpose Furniture

Another fabulous idea is to embrace collapsible and dual-purpose furniture. Imagine a table that folds away when not in use or chairs that convert into a storage shelf. It’s this kind of multi-use furniture that will help maximise space and keep your living area uncluttered.

What’s more, it’s super convenient to adapt your space to whatever you need at the moment. Perhaps it’s teatime or time to tidy up. Whatever’s on the agenda, investing in furniture that works double duty means you’re always prepared, regardless of where your travels take you. If you’ve got existing furniture that just isn’t practical for your van or trailer, there are self storage units you can use to house them while you’re exploring the open road.

Create Underfloor Storage Compartments

Don’t forget about the potential lying right beneath your feet – underfloor storage compartments can be a total game changer! By fitting drawers or bins under your living area, you can stash away those less frequently needed items like extra bedding or seasonal clothing.

Underfloor storage keeps these essentials out of sight but always accessible when needed. If there are any items in this compartment that aren’t a necessity, there are travel storage units you can look into to keep them well looked after while you’re away from home.

Add External Storage Attachments

Our final tip takes us outside the van – external storage options. Adding a cargo carrier or a bike rack on the outside of your van or trailer can make a real difference. This option is perfect for keeping bulky items like bikes, surfboards or extra gear that doesn’t fit inside.

By securing these items safely outside, you’ll have plenty of living space to enjoy, while keeping your must-haves organised and easy to access. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to make sure everything has its place, making packing and unpacking a breeze.

We want you to have the best time away in your van or trailer. For this to happen, making use of any of our clever storage hacks will ensure your mobile home feels roomier and more welcoming.

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