Is the bitterly cold UK weather making you dream of the summer? Someone is definitely controlling the weather. The temperature drops have been crazy. And whilst we’re back in positive numbers, it’s still freezing for most of us. Another and – although many enjoy the cosy winter hibernation vibes, there’s something special about sitting in the garden during the summer with a good old ‘picky bits’ British dinner. Does that get you excited? 

Read on for the perfect guide to dressing your garden table ready for the summer vibes. 

Picking the Perfect Table 

First, pick the right table. Functionality and aesthetics are key. Pick a table that complements the size of your garden and fits your entertainment needs. That could be intimate family dinners or larger social gatherings. Materials matter too. Durable options like teak or wrought iron can withstand the elements. Glass or ceramic tops add a touch of elegance, but they’re tricky to keep clean. It isn’t always dry in summer and the rain brings dirt! 

Remember, the right table sets the stage for all your summer soirees. 

Making the Table Comfortable 

Comfort is key – a numb bum and wriggling around to find comfort isn’t the summer vibe. And without a cushioned bench or chair, you’ll be wriggling after a few hours around the table. You can get weather-resistant cushions so they won’t damage. Or, just remember to bring them inside. Then again, don’t trust that, just buy weather-resistant ones. 

Consider comfy chairs or ones with plush padding for prolonged dining comfort. Then you won’t need the cushions. 

Don’t overlook the importance of shade – a stylish umbrella or a natural canopy can provide relief on sunny days. Some days, the UK heat is unbearable. 

Tablecloths and Tableware 

Dress your garden table in summer’s best with vibrant tablecloths and elegant tableware. Choose tablecloths in light, airy fabrics adorned with patterns that reflect the season’s joy. And ones that are easy to clean – BBQ food will spill!  

When it comes to tableware, balance functionality with style and also a little luxury; has beautiful examples of luxury accessories. Pair dishes with glassware that sparkles in the sunlight and cutlery that complements the overall theme.  

Enjoying the Summer 

Your garden table is more than just a place to eat. It’s a venue for summer fun. A speaker on your garden table with a glass of Pimms and the sun beating down on you? You can’t beat it! Unless it’s one of the weird summer heatwave weeks – they’re pretty uncomfortable. Nothing an outdoor fan can’t fix!  

You’ll be savouring the balmy evenings before you know it. And don’t get us started on the fragrance of summer blooms – it’s incredible. Or the nights when the sun sets but it’s warm enough to stay in your garden, maybe after one too many Pimms. 

Whether it’s a barbecue grill nearby, a bowl of fresh summer fruits on the table, or just a simple setup for a morning coffee, your garden table should be a place that celebrates the essence of summer. 

Now, do you feel ready for summer? Are your cold toes hiding underneath the fluffiest socks known to man telling you you’re ready? Is your heating bill telling you you’re ready? Summer will be here before you know it – the nights are already getting longer, so now is the time to think about how to get your garden ready. And no summer garden is complete without the perfect garden table.  

So, get inspired, mix and match your favourite elements, and transform your garden into a delightful summer sanctuary.  

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