Pink is often overlooked as a serious interior contender but not many are aware of the benefits that the colour can bring to your home.

Yvonne Keal, Senior Product Manager at Hillarys, shares her rule-breaking tips for styling pink in any room. 

1. Make pink the gateway to your home

Promote a calm entrance to your home and paint your front door a pastel pink shade. By steering away from traditional front door colours like black or blue, your house will stand proudly on your street reflecting your style perfectly for guests and passersby. Consider planting some flowers and plants around your pink door to compliment the relaxing, welcoming style.

2. Introduce pinks to the kitchen

Don’t think pink belongs in the kitchen? Think again! Introduce pinks into your kitchen by painting the walls a beautiful dusty tone, which is a simple and easy upgrade to make. Pink is actually a versatile colour for the kitchen, pair with soft cream cabinets for a romantic regency-core style or fuse with rich coppers and dark greens for a fresh, vibrant space. 

3. The perfect colour for productivity 

Pink is a colour we don’t often see in offices as a lot of us take the safe option and stick with whites, not knowing that these colours have zero productivity benefits. The colour pink has a calming effect on our nerves and helps relieve feelings of anger and neglect, which is perfect for staying focused on tasks that have the potential to overwhelm you.

4. Use classy combinations 

A complementary colour scheme such as green and pink work best when one of the colours is more dominant than the other. Use a darker shade of green like forest green as the base colour and enhance the sophisticated look with blush pink accessories. Add some gold hanging light fixtures and candlesticks on a side table to modernise your interior even further and create a space oozing with glamour.

5. Incorporate striking pink patterns 

One of the best things we can do to promote a great night’s sleep is to cultivate a nurturing and peaceful atmosphere in our bedrooms and pink can add personality and warmth to any space.  For a quick style update, add a rose velvet headboard to your bed or alternatively focus on your bedroom’s window dressings and brighten up your room with a striking patterned pink roller blind. 

6. Use a splash of pink in your bathroom

Introducing pink into your bathroom can be a risk worth taking. If you like the idea of using a subtle splash of pink, a chalky pink can compliment earthy colours perfectly to create a serene spa-like space.

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