The news is out – Pantone’s Colour of 2022 has been announced as a gorgeous shade of purple known as “Very Peri”. 

The irresistible, blue-tinged shade of purple that is “Very Peri” is expected to make a statement in our wardrobes and homes this year.

Exploring this exciting trend, the team at WeThrift has partnered up with Modern Colour Theorist and Colour Therapist, Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Author of “Hello Rainbow Finding Happiness in Colour”, Momtaz shares her expert insight on how to incorporate Very Peri into your own home for the year ahead. 

Very Peri – Pair with other colours 

According to Momtaz, the trick to seamlessly integrating purple into your living space is to pair the shade with other complementary colours. 

Momtaz explains: “Purple is a hue that works in harmony with so many other colours making it ideal for the home. You don’t need to go for full purple coverage, instead, pair purples alongside other colours you love. 

“Purple introduced with silver and grey soft furnishings make a bedroom feel opulent, while purple and blue in the bathroom will give you a boost of clarity in the mornings. Meanwhile, purple and orange makes for a welcoming living room, and purple and yellow will brighten up hallways. Not to mention, purple teamed with red, black or gold are all winning combinations when used in home decor details like picture frames, candle holders and storage tins.”

Very Peri – Consider different shades of purple for each room

As we all know, purple comes in many shades and variations. With this in mind, it is important to be mindful of what you hope to achieve when selecting a particular purple shade for an area in your home. For instance, you may want to have a different shade of purple for your bedroom in contrast to your living room. 

Momtaz states: “The purple spectrum begins with soft tints like lilac, which is increasingly becoming a popular choice for painting walls because it has calming qualities, yet has more personality than a regular light blue. 

“Lavender, on the other hand, is a richer purple with indigo tones. Just like the flower’s aromatherapy properties for being the scent of relaxation, lavender helps to promote a good night’s sleep, and it’s a colour that can make a bedroom feel like a restful sanctuary.”

Very Peri – Use purple to encourage relaxation 

Need some much-needed zen in your life? Introducing purple into your home is certainly a good starting point. If you do activities such as yoga in your living room, then purple walls may help aid that relaxation you intend to achieve. 

“Purple is the colour of well-being and spirituality”, says Momtaz. “On one hand, it conjures up magic and fantasy, and on the other, it encourages meditation and is a colour often associated with wellbeing practises like yoga. 

“It’s a colour that connects with our intuition and gives us inner strength so it has a positive effect on ourselves and our relationships with others. If you’re experiencing conflict in a relationship with either a partner or housemate, you could introduce purple mood lighting into your living spaces to reduce stress levels.” 

Very Peri – Pay attention to your furnishings 

It’s not just about all wall colours – purple home furnishings will do the trick as well. 

Speaking about the best ways to accessorise with purple,  Momtaz said: “Purple cushions are great for snuggling up on the sofa after a long day as they’ll comfort you while giving the room a contemporary stylish feel. 

“A soft velvet throw strewn on your bed will also add instant luxe to your bedroom, while a vase of purple flowers in the kitchen and bathroom will promote positive energy whenever you encounter them.” 

Very Peri – Invest in crystals 

When it comes to accenting the relaxed vibe of a home, crystals are a must. Whether you’re into spirituality or not, there is no denying that these materials do not fail to generate an aura of tranquility, as well as make a few heads turn. 

Momtaz explains: “One of the most beneficial purples in the home is inviting in the presence of amethyst or other purple crystals. Purple stones promote healing, meditation, and contemplation and can be placed around the home to maintain a spiritual balance.” 

Very Peri – What other home colour trends can we expect to see in 2022? 

Finally, in predicting the other interior colour trends to come in 2022, Momtaz said: “Yellow is the complementary colour of purple, and as we’ll be seeing a lot of purple coming through in interiors, we’ll also see a lot of yellow items so that the two can be styled together. Yellow is a colour that promotes optimism and positivity and this energy will also compliment the healing powers of purples. You should also keep a look out for peacock palettes too. 

“Greens and blues work beautifully with purple and a combination of all three will create a space that feels homely and comforting and full of char

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