Always there for you when you need it – it will hold a book, lend an aspirin, and have a glass of water on standby for you.

Its capabilities are vastly underestimated – it doesn’t have to be a small cabinet or just a shelf. By approaching your choice of coffee table with a lot of creativity, you can create your favourite corner in the house, and that’s exactly what it should be.

Size will be important

Size is one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing any piece of furniture, but when arranging a bedroom it is particularly important. We all want the bedroom to be our little sanctuary, where we rest comfortably and worry-free. So a good start is to choose furniture and decoration in such a way that we are as comfortable as possible. To begin with, it’s worth considering what we need and what our options are. A basic criterion will be the size of the room and the bed we want to put in it. A small bedroom with a big bed is a decadent and beautiful idea for relaxation, but it is not for everyone. Some people will choose a smaller bed, but with the possibility of putting in other furniture for storage.

A clever solution for taking care of storage space can be to insert a full-size chest of drawers as a bedside table. It will do a great job as a dressing table and additional space for a wardrobe, and the large top will be comfortable to use. Not being limited in size also gives you a very diverse and interesting choice. However, a large chest of drawers needs a lot of space – not every bedroom has that much space.

In a medium or small bedroom, there may not be enough space after the bed has been put in to fit another large chest of drawers, so bedside tables and small chests of drawers designed specifically with this in mind can be a good solution. They offer ample storage space, and very often their size and proportions have already been thought out so that they blend in beautifully with the bed. They also offer a multitude of solutions. We can choose between different combinations of doors, drawers and open shelves to optimally adapt it to ourselves and our needs.

Out-of-the-box tastes tend to be more risky – sometimes you just need to be a little more adventurous. A chair will prove to be a great bedside table, as it will quietly act as your sidekick and serve a glass of water and hold a book until the next evening, or stand at the table when an oversized number of guests turn up. If you are looking for bigger solutions then a vintage bar can be a multifunctional piece of furniture – it will serve as an emergency office, a beautiful dressing table and an original bedside table. A small console can also prove to be a unique and graceful bedside table. There are also minimalist solutions such as a simple shelf made of matching fabric.

Once you have chosen the size and type of the right bedside table for you, the last thing to consider is its style. It should, of course, match your style. Whatever style dominates your bedroom, you can easily choose a chest of drawers or a table in any finish. Natural wood and light colours will add cosiness to the interior. Glossy surfaces introduce a touch of glamour. Blacks and greys are a subtle way to create elegance and intimacy.

Decorate your own way

Symmetry enthusiasts like identical tables on both sides of the bed with a slight difference introduced, for example, by placing two different bedside lamps. Each side can also choose its own table to reflect its own personality.

Enhancing Your Home Interior

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