How to utilise bathroom lighting to create a stylish and relaxing ambience, according to interior design experts

In 2024, interior design creatives have paved the way for softer, more ambient lighting in our homes. Opting for strategically placed table lamps and wall lighting, rather than illuminating the room via one bright ceiling light.

As somewhere we turn to relax and unwind, the recent TikTok trend, ‘Shower Lamps’, has encouraged more thoughtful lighting in bathrooms in particular, in order to create a soothing environment.

With this in mind, interior design experts and Graham and Green owners, Jamie and Lou Graham reveal guidance for alternative configurations for your bathroom lighting to create a more inviting space. 

bathroom lighting

Guidance for creating ambience in your bathroom

Jamie and Lou comment, 

“Lighting is the foundation of setting the tone and mood for every room within the home. In the bathroom in particular, where moments of relaxation take place, it becomes all the more essential to create an atmosphere of peace.”

Embracing natural light

During the day, fill your bathroom with as much natural light as possible. To enhance the natural light in your bathroom, strategically place mirrors directly opposite any windows to reflect the light. 

Embracing natural light in your bathroom not only creates a soft glow in the room, but also nurtures feelings of freshness and vitality.

Wall lights

Installing IP rated wall lights is an ideal alternative to using ceiling lights. When considering where to place these, choose areas that would benefit the most from more light. 

This might be either side of a mirror to brighten the reflection, or placed along the side of the bath, at a safe distance. This spot in particular enables the perfect solution for reading a book while taking a long soak. 

bathroom lighting

Table lamps

Following the recent trend, table lamps are the ideal addition to the bathroom to make the room feel more of a livable space. 

Jamie and Lou suggest the most effective way to incorporate into your bathroom is on a side table placed in the corner of the room, or next to the bath. Carefully selecting stylish lampshades also infuses new textures and colours to the room. 

When choosing table lamps to use in this space, opt for rechargeable or wireless lamps that can be moved freely around the room. Table lamps used in proximity to water sources should also be rated IP44 or higher. To ensure correct use in the bathroom, consider placing these within a safe distance from water. 

Combination of light sources

Using a combination of lighting sources in your bathroom gives you freedom of adjusting lighting levels to suit your needs. Jamie and Lou recommend a combination of ceiling lights, wall lights, and natural light to create a well rounded bathroom lighting setup.

Warming light bulbs

bathroom lighting

Light bulbs come in a range of different lighting levels, tones and vibrancy. When selecting light bulbs for your bathroom, Jamie and Lou recommend opting for warmer glows to create a welcoming and comforting environment.

Candle lit bathrooms

Is there anything more inviting than a candle lit bath to sink into? Jamie and Lou recommend adding a range of candle sizes to your space, and safely placing them in dark corners to create a soft glow throughout the room. 

Pay close attention to scents too. Opt for scented candles that compliment one another to enhance your relaxation. 

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