Men’s fashion has traditionally revolved around far fewer items than women’s fashion. Today, on the runways and on the bodies of the most avant-garde, we see a more extensive and gender-neutral selection.

However, the wardrobe essentials for men still revolve around a few key items: long pants, shorts, jackets, long-sleeved/button-down shirts and t-shirts.

Nothing will ever replace the humble yet versatile t-shirt in the modern man’s wardrobe. As with all clothing and sartorial moments, trends in men’s t-shirts cycle in and out of fashion. Men’s tees are available in so many different options that it’s sometimes easy to make fashion faux pas, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

Here are all our favourite looks for this year, and all of the looks that we think are a little passé.

Tees to say yes to this year

Retro rules

While the women’s racks are seeing a naughties revival, when it comes to men’s designer t shirts, the retro look is reaching back a few more years into the nineties and eighties. Many big-name brands are reviving retro cuts and designs that are flying off the shelves. Colour blocking, piping and shoulder stripes, retro logos and prints are all huge this year, adding a little excitement and whimsy to wardrobes again. Some brands are bringing back the exact same looks they had in their eighties and nineties catalogues, and others are reimagining their classic looks to suit a new generation. Even the fabrics in some collections are a throwback to the textures of the eighties and nineties, particularly the waffle texture.

Relaxed tailoring

It may sound like a simple thing, and indeed, it is one that many people overlook, but the shape of a garment (even a tee) makes an enormous difference to the overall look of an outfit. In 2023, loose tailoring is all the rage, and that applies to tees as well as everything else. Whether you love a bit of branding like the ASOS relaxed fit tees that feature very nineties band logos, a simple and oversized Celine logo shirt, or if you prefer things a little more simple and minimally branded like the new Dior relaxed fit tees; there’s something on the market for everyone. Oversized and relaxed fit are worked into the cut of this style, so choose an option true to size because sizing up will look a little messy in a looser fit.

Athleisure meets sartorialism

The athleisure and leisure wear trends of the last few years seem to be here to stay. We’ve grown far too accustomed to comfy clothing to give it up now! That said, we’re seeing a move back towards a more chic and stylish way to put these looks together. Even when wearing soft fabrics and comfortable tailoring, we also want to look our best in these loungeable looks. Brands like Lyle and Scott are doing well-constructed tees with a crew neck and a pocket for a little bit of added oomph, Boss is doing stiff-necked polos, and Trespass is doing full button-down short-sleeved tees that elevate athleisure looks further.


Military moments

Though military inspirations are always present in some aspects of what is trending in menswear, this year, the influence is seen far more overtly. Military colours like classic army green and kaki are seen under logos on the ASOS Design rails, Jack and Jones are offering minimally branded multi-packs in army neutrals, and camo itself is back from Mitchell and Ness, and many other brands. 


Styles to say no to

Now that you know what’s bang on trend for men, it’s probably a good idea to understand what’s out too. Keep it simple, and you’ll be just fine!

  • Skin tight anything. Unless it’s actual workout gear, leave it on the shelf. Super tight tailoring and fits are a moment, but they’re not this moment.
  • Baggy anything. Yes, we love oversized looks and relaxed tailoring, but baggy is another story entirely. Baggy is badly fitted and does no favours for anyone, least of all the man wearing it.
  • Low side-cut tanks. Unless we’ve stepped into a time machine and gone back to the actual eighties, steer clear of low side-cut tanks that display your body while you’re “fully” dressed.
  • Deep V-neck tees. Let’s move away from these early aughts shapes and embrace something a little more mature and chic.

Wrap up

Knowing what to wear and what to steer clear of makes dressing so much simpler and keeps your outfits sharp at all times. It’s easy to look good!


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