Summer 2022 sees the much-coveted return of IRL festivals, and we can’t wait!

The expert stylists at Live True London tell us their top hair trend predictions and how to achieve the looks in the salon or at-home. Think 90’s, think bold and think big with this all-star hair line up.

Festival hair trends : Tinsel Hair

Not just for Christmas, tinsel takes on a summer twist for 2022, created by tying strands of tinsel through the hair like extensions. Stylist Tyler Moore at Live True says “This trend is all about experimenting with different colours for the ultimate festival look, that will last all weekend. Expect to see tinsel at Coachella where glittery, colourful fashion is a focus.”

Get the look

Tyler advises, “To get the look at-home, take one strand of tinsel and fold in half. Take a very small section of hair and tie the tinsel in a slip knot around it, sliding the knot to the root. Then take one of the tinsel strands and tie it in a regular knot to secure it. Complete 5-10 times on each side of the parting to create the full effect.”

Festival hair trends : Beaded Braids

Braids and embellishments are festival royalty, and this year embellishment will be bigger and bolder! Tyler says, “Try bright plastic and letter beads for a fun, playful Glasto look or metal rings and more intricate beads, for a punky Reading or Leeds look.”

Get the look

Tyler advises, “Braid small sections of the hair that will fit your desired beads. Then fold a piece of string in half and loop around the braid. Thread beads onto the string and onto your braid. Once complete, secure with a hair elastic.”

Festival hair trends : Graffiti Hair

Channel Dua Lipa’s heart hair with customised graffiti locks. Tyler says, “This style works best on bleached/blonde buzz cuts or straight hair of any length. We love experimenting with this trend as it can be truly customised for any festival. Think neon for Park Life and pretty pastels for Coachella.”

Get the look:

Tyler advises, “We recommend booking a consultation with your stylist to achieve this look, as they can paint on your desired pattern with a brush and ensure a sleek look that will last through any festival. It can be recreated at home on light hair colours, using coloured hairspray and stencils but it is a trickier, so make sure you have time and a steady hand!”

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