Getting engaged is a momentous occasion marked by the tradition of adorning a ring. It’s a symbol of love and commitment, often represented by a precious and often costly piece of jewellery. With this new accessory comes the need to understand how best to wear it and keep it looking its best.

How to wear and store your engagement ring

An engagement ring is made to be shown off, but sometimes, it’s best to keep it safely tucked away. It’s wise to remove your ring during activities that could damage it or expose it to harmful chemicals. These include routine chores such as cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals, gardening, or any heavy lifting that could warp the shape of the ring or dislodge the stone. Many people have fake engagement rings that they wear to travel or to do activities like swimming or rock climbing. That way, you can still enjoy wearing a ring without worrying about damaging something precious.

When it comes to storage, your ring should have a consistent home—a fabric-lined jewellery box or a ring dish are good options. If you take your ring off regularly, consider keeping a designated ring holder in your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. This reduces the risk of misplacement. A small safe in your home can be a good investment for extra security, especially with a high-value ring.

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Cleaning and care

The care of your engagement ring depends largely on the type of metal and the gemstone it features. For diamond rings, which are among the most durable of gemstones, regular cleaning can be done at home. A simple solution of warm water and mild dish soap will suffice. Soak the ring for about 20 to 30 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush, and then rinse under warm running water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could scratch the metal or dull the diamond’s sparkle.

For rings made with other gemstones, always consider their hardness and any specific care instructions, as some stones are more delicate than others. It’s important to be cautious with ultrasonic cleaners; while they are great for diamonds, they can damage other gemstones.

For the metal, whether it’s gold, platinum, or silver, maintaining its lustre requires regular polishing with a soft, lint-free cloth. For gold rings, remember that gold is a soft metal and susceptible to scratches and dents. It’s also important to avoid exposure to chlorine and other chemicals that can discolour or damage the metal.

If in doubt, consult a professional

If you’re ever in doubt about how to care for your ring, consult a professional jeweller. They can offer specific advice and provide professional cleaning services. Regular check-ups with a jeweller can also ensure that the settings are secure, and the ring is in good condition.

Engagement rings are more than just jewellery. They are treasured keepsakes representing a cherished bond. By wearing them wisely, storing them securely, and cleaning them properly, you can ensure that your engagement ring remains a sparkling symbol of your commitment for many years.

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