After struggling with bras that made my bust look flat and unflattering, I realized that choosing a bra based on breast shape can help to bring out my natural figure and provide optimal support. If you still don’t know how to choose the right bra for your breast shape, dive with me on how you can determine your breast shape and then choose the appropriate bra.

Whether you want bras that hide back fat or ones that give you a flattering uplifted look, the first step to choosing the right bra is to determine the shape of your breasts. Stand in front of a mirror with your bra off and your arms at your sides.

Look at the fullness of the breasts, whether there is more tissue above or below your nipple, the distance between your breasts, and the direction your nipples point. Compare the shape of the breasts to see whether they fall in one of the following breast shapes, and then choose the appropriate bra.

Round Breasts

Round breasts are usually equally full at the top and bottom, which gives them a very symmetrical, round appearance. This shape suits a wide range of bra styles, including:

  • T-shirt bras as they give a smooth and natural shape under fitted clothing.
  • Balconette bras as they can give you an attractive uplifted look.
  • Plunge style bras as the deep V-neckline and angled cups of a plunge bra help to push the breasts together, creating an attractive cleavage

Teardrop or Bell-Shaped Breasts

Teardrop-shaped breasts are typically fuller at the bottom than at the top. For this breast shape, consider underwired balconette or demi cup bras, as the underwire provides robust support to the underside of the breasts, effectively lifting them.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are breasts where one breast is noticeably larger than the other. If you have this type of breasts, consider getting t-shirt bras as their smooth, molded cups offer a uniform shape and appearance.

The padding in these bras also balances out the size difference between the breasts by providing a little extra volume to the smaller ones. Considering how far people can go to improve their image, don’t hesitate to add some paddings on the smaller boob if the difference is still noticeable.

Shallow Breasts

Shallow breasts tend to have more tissue spread out across the chest rather than projecting outwards. A push-up bra can be a great choice as it can lift and bring the breasts together, creating more fullness and cleavage.

Which Bra Style Should I Wear if I Have Slender Breasts?

It’s advisable to wear seamed bras, especially ones with vertical seams, to enhance lift and projection. This gives your slender breasts a rounder, fuller appearance.

Can the Right Bra Shape Improve My Posture?

Yes, a well-fitting bra can help support your breasts and reduce strain on your neck and shoulders, potentially improving your posture.

What Type of Bra Is Best for Large Breasts?

Full-coverage bras, balconette bras, and bras with wide straps can provide great support and comfort for larger breasts. However, the right bra style depends on your specific breast shape.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to choose the right bra for your breast shape will help you go for bras that make your bust look natural and flattering. A bra that suits your breasts’ shape can also provide the right amount of support and lift without feeling uncomfortable or strained.

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