Kinki Swim, the home-grown sustainable swim and resort wear brand, debuts its elegant resort-wear collection now available online. With a focus on timeless designs and eco-conscious craftsmanship, Kinki Swim continues to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing women with high-quality, sustainable and versatile pieces that effortlessly transition from beachwear to evening wear.

Kinki Swim’s latest resort wear collection seamlessly blends timeless elegance with vibrant style, presenting fashion enthusiasts with a captivating range of pieces. The collection consists of six resort wear pieces meticulously crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and exceptional design. Kinki Swim is dedicated to creating fashion that cares for the planet and the community as all pieces in the resort wear collection are manufactured in factories powered by solar energy. Unveiling this stunning collection, Kinki Swimboldly redefines resort wear, inviting women to embrace their unique style and exude captivating confidence like never before.

La Isla

Step into the untamed allure of the wild with the La Isla in zebra print, a kimono style top with an elastic waist pants set. Mesmerizing and playful, the semi see-through tie-around pants adorned with a zebra pattern, evoke a sense of zest. Paired with the matching long blouse featuring split sleeves and versatile tie options, priced at GBP 313, this ensemble exudes grace and versatility. Complete the look with the included belt, which can alternatively be worn as a headscarf. Embrace the boho aesthetic and captivate with an ethereal and alluring presence.

La Reina

Prepare to reign with elegance in the La Reina available in three colorways, priced at GBP 297. The striking and captivating tie-around top and side tie pants come in a mesmerizing mix of black and gold, white with silver foil patterns or a striking zebra print. The matching, split long sleeve can be tied and worn as a scrunch sleeve and offers versatility in styling. The top is thoughtfully designed with partial lining, ensuring it is not see-through and double layers to hide the locking. Embody elegant sensuality and seamlessly transition from day to night with this enchanting ensemble.

La Sirena

Radiate in the La Sirena sequin dress, a spaghetti-strapped gown that shimmers with golden allure, setting the stage for its plunged back scoop cowl design and rear split that leaves a lasting impression with every step. Chic sirène seam finishes accentuate the feminine figure effortlessly, creating a silhouette that commands attention. The dress, priced at GBP 328, offers versatility as it can be worn on top of swimwear or with a slip for an evening look. Embrace the allure and let your inner siren captivate the room.

El Paradiso

Embrace the essence of summertime elegance with the El Paradiso white dress. Flowing and daring, this maxi dress features an elegant thigh-high front split that adds a touch to every movement. The knot design in the front and at the hip accentuates curves, while the body-flattering sweetheart neckline and back zip closure complete the look with sophistication. Whether it’s for a sunny day adventure or a night filled with enchantment, this white dress, priced at GBP 320, exudes confidence and grace, making it a must-have for a summertime wardrobe.

La Nina

Make a vibrant statement with the La Nina neon dress and stand out from the crowd in this one-shoulder lime mini dress that demands attention. The interchangeable and removable neon metallic glomesh crop top allows for a customized look. Dance ’til dawn or during the day, swap the top for a bikini to create a more casual and playful ensemble. La Nina, priced at GBP 328, is the ultimate expression of bold and captivating fashion, ensuring a lasting impression.

Whether attending a daytime event or preparing for an evening soiree, the latest resort wear from Kinki Swim brings a perfect touch of glamour with unrivaled style and grace. The new collection encapsulates the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and impeccable style with a clean finish across all pieces. Each piece tells a story, inviting women to express their unique sense of fashion and confidence.

The brand offers convenient international shipping options, including express delivery. For more information on Kinki Swim and to view their collection, please visit their website at

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