The races is not merely a sporting event but a social occasion steeped in tradition and style. For men, selecting the perfect ensemble for such an event can be both a sartorial challenge and an opportunity to display sophistication and flair. Here’s a guide to dressing the part for the horse races that will have you turning more heads than the thoroughbreds! 

The Traditional Race Day Look 

If you’re looking for a traditional look, opt for a tailored suit in navy, charcoal, or camel, crafted from lightweight fabrics like wool or linen. Pair your suit button-down shirt in a matching colour and round off the look with a silk tie. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of colour or an interesting pattern, but don’t go overboard. Subtle patterns or vibrant accents can add a touch of personality. Invest in polished leather dress shoes in coordinating tones, ensuring a polished finish from head to toe. Don’t forget to add a watch or pocket square to enhance your overall look.  

mens fashion for the races

If you find dressing up too tricky, you can always stay home and watch the races on the television or sample some  Plinko Go UK. This game fuses live horse racing with betting on numbers. When catching the races at home, you can wear whatever you want and no one will judge you. If you have your heart set on attending the races, then press on reading because we have a few more outfit ideas!  

Casual Chic 

If you’re after a more laid-back approach to race day fashion, a casual yet refined look strikes the perfect balance between  comfort and style. We recommend pairing tailored chinos or linen trousers with a well-fitted blazer. This will result in a polished yet relaxed aesthetic look, which is great for an outdoor event. 

Make you reach for a lightweight, breathable shirt in linen and add some colour to get in the party mood. Roll up the sleeves for a casual touch. Round off your outfit with loafers or suede brogues in earthy tones. When it comes to accessories, don’t forget a leather belt and a nice pair of sunglasses!  

Contemporary Cool 

If you consider yourself fashion-forward and want to wow your fellow attendees, then be bold and go for a  contemporary look. Don’t shy away from experimenting with unconventional colour palettes and bold prints. 

Go with a statement blazer and pair it with slim-fit denim. Try your hand at layering by incorporating lightweight knitwear or even a vest. Go for footwear that balances comfort with fashion-forward design. Fashion sneakers or Chelsea boots in unconventional textures or finishes would look great. When it comes to accessories, pick a few statement pieces which are designed to impress. That could be a gold watch or some flashy sunglasses or necklace whatever you’re feeling on the day go with! 

Whether you opt for classic refinement, casual chic or contemporary cool, grab the opportunity to show your style and make the races a day to remember! 

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