How to style popular brown shades to be on trend this year, according to an interior designer 

Grey has been the dominant choice for spaces for many years but according to interior design experts, it’s being taken over by various must-have shades of brown.

From creamy coffee and beige to deep mahogany and espresso, these colours are proving increasingly popular in homes this year as more people look to ditch the monotony of grey in their living spaces. 

According to the new Pinterest Summer 2024 Trend Report, “Gone are the days of bland and generic beige interiors. People are yearning for spaces that burst with comfort and character, reflecting their individual personalities and creating a welcoming sanctuary that feels uniquely their own.”

Tom Revill, co-founder and creative director of Plank Hardware said: “Brown instantly makes a room look warmer and feel more soothing. It also works particularly well as a base for other colours. 

“On its own, brown seems like a dark and intimidating colour but when styled right, it is a rich and warm colour that can have a timeless effect, creating a space that is both relaxing and stylish.

One of the best aspects of incorporating brown decor into your home is that you don’t need to paint your walls to embrace this trend. Instead, try adding various brown accessories such as rugs, pillows and throws to start with. These subtle changes can effectively highlight this trend without overwhelming your space or completely redecorating. Using brown in your design scheme opens up endless interior possibilities, as it seamlessly complements almost any existing colour palette. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve within your space, touches of brown will add depth and warmth, enhancing the overall look of your home.”

As we move away from grey, Tom reveals how to incorporate different shades of brown into your home, to be on trend this year.

current styling trends
  1. Rich, deep browns

Rich deep browns such as terracotta, espresso and chocolate work really well to give a space a sense of warmth and cosiness. These types of shades add a touch of luxury, whether through dark wood furniture such as walnut cabinetry, leather upholstery like sofas and accent chars or decorative items. 

Tom said: “Warm, brushed brass can add a touch of sophistication and contrast against deeper shades of brown, adding an uplifting touch to furniture. Introduce the old-school trend in your space with our Aged Brass range, where we’ve evolved our warm brass finish to create a more mature, organic look.”

  1. Warm, light browns 

Similar to rich deep browns, warm light browns such as tan and camel tones evoke a sense of warmth and comfort to a space. They act as a versatile neutral base that complements various colour patterns and design elements.

Unlike many other shades of brown, light browns tend to reflect light rather than absorb it, which is a great way to make your space feel bigger and brighter. This is why we’re seeing a growing trend towards light wood kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces where maximising light is important.

“Create a modern and sophisticated look by contrasting warm, tan and caramel tones with cool, neutral details. For instance, stainless steel hardware will contrast perfectly on top of contemporary, warm oak cabinetry. Printed soft furnishings, such as muted cheetah print rugs offer instant character, without overwhelming a warm brown space. 

What are the current styling trends

Tom continued: “Brown is a neutral and versatile colour, making it easy to style with various metal finishes, textures and patterns. Whether light or dark, brown tones can effortlessly blend with the coolness of stainless steel or the warmth of brass.”

  1. Cool, neutral browns 

Cool brown shades such as taupe and ash brown are often used in interiors to create a modern and stylish look. A versatile shade, cool, ashy browns are the perfect opportunity for mixing textures, such as rattan furniture or jute rugs. They are also extremely adaptable to different trends which makes them a favoured choice in many homes. Beyond serving as popular paint colours and furniture pieces such as dining room tables and chairs, they are also commonly seen in flooring to create an inviting feel throughout homes. 

“Mixing metals adds layers and visual interest to a room with more neutral shades of brown. I’d recommend selecting one metal finish to be the primary focus in the room, then you can begin to incorporate additional metals as accents to achieve a mixed metal look – such as a matte black lamp and cool, steel wall hooks.” 

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