Did you know that nuggets of useful information can be found in some unexpected places? For example, you can play online casino games and learn a thing or two about different cultures. We’re not saying that online casinos are infallible fonts of knowledge or that you should use them as a substitute for anything. Their primary role is to entertain adults who enjoy the uncertainty of gambling odds. A happy consequence of playing certain games is that you get nuggets of information. 

The Legend of Athena at Paddy Power retells the tale of an Ancient Greek icon. As described, this game is set against the backdrop of an Ancient Greek temple and its imagery is “atmospheric”. Legend of Athena is an “immersive” example of the “storytelling” quality all casino games from the software company Red Tiger creates. For Paddy Power customers, the impressive aesthetics combine with cash payouts and, importantly, ancient iconography. 

This is most prominent when the Spear of Athena symbol rolls into view. Within the game, this symbol multiplies all payouts by three. What it also does is raise the question: what is the Spear of Athena? This is where the game moves from a form of entertainment to a launchpad. The inquisitive among you may want to pull away from the game for a moment and search online for the Spear of Athena. The power of Google tells us that Athena didn’t name her spear but it was almost inseparable from her shield, which she called Aegis. 

Using Games to Unearth New Information

Delving even further into this mythological deity’s history and we find out the Athena was a pre-Hellenic goddess who was taken over by the Greeks. This elevated her to the status of goddess of war, which is why the slot game Legend of Athena is filled with battle imagery. From Athena brandishing her spear to shields and helmets, the game has a definite war theme. Thanks to a bit of research, we know why. That’s why we’re making the case for casino games being unexpected sources of information. 

In fact, the same could be said of all games. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey uses the Peloponnesian War as its central theme. Similarly, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set in the mediaeval Kind of Bohemia. These games can also serve as launchpads into a newfound interest in Ancient Greek or mediaeval history. That’s the point here, games aren’t just there for entertainment purposes. They can inform and inspire. The question is why? Because game developers understand that people don’t want superficial experiences. 

Context give games more depth. When you know here’s a backstory, you’re more liable to be engaged with what’s going on. Thus, you’ve got a game that’s more interesting. You might not notice this, but it’s happening under the surface. Things with a grounding in reality evoke more of an emotional response because, simply, they actually happened. That’s why game developers like to build their games around historic events, such as the life of Athena. So, the next time you play a game online, take a closer look at its theme and see if you can learn anything from it.

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