If you wish to create good content to help your website rank higher, bring in leads, and ultimately convert sales, then forget about keyword stuffing and writing for the sake of it. 

Instead of picking any old random topic, you must carefully consider where your blog post or web page fits in your overall content plan. And if you haven’t got a content strategy, we strongly suggest crafting one before you start tapping on that keyboard! 

Blogging is a valuable addition to any web content strategy, so here are a few things that you should keep in mind when writing your next blog post: 

1. Perform keyword research 

Each blog post is a new indexed page on your website that can target a long tail keyword. Conduct some research, find keywords that are relevant to your industry, and, most importantly, what your audience is actually googling. 

2. Outline the structure 

Divide your articles into an introduction that hooks the reader in, the main heading, and some smaller headings, with a little outro at the end. Search engines and readers alike don’t want to see huge heading-less blocks of text. Break large chunks of text into smaller, easy-to-read paragraphs. 

3. Craft a post title that stands out 

Make it catchy and quirky, but set the right expectations. The title must answer your target audience’s problem to catch their attention. If it doesn’t, they are unlikely to click on it. And don’t forget to add the keyword that you’re targeting! 

4. Make it SEO-friendly 

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter, therefore beware of keyword stuffing. Don’t use the same keywords too many times and make sure the content sounds natural. Use synonyms of your key term or phrase and concentrate on hooking the reader in with an enticing narrative. 

Add relevant internal links whenever possible, and write a good meta description that grabs your audience’s attention on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

5. Add a clear call to action 

Calls to action are very important…unless you are not interested in lead generation at all. 

So be sure to tell your audience what they should do next: subscribe? buy now? contact you… if so why? 

If you’re ready to unlock the benefits of an effective blogging strategy but don’t have time to write your own posts consistently, check out SEO web copywriting services.   

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