It’s easy to take your smartphone for granted. Everyone knows that it’s capable of a great many functions, with an endless number of apps to choose from, but how many of these do you actually use? It’s natural that you might get used to your rhythm and only use the same functions again and again, but there could be more ways of engaging with the hobbies you love available that you’re neglecting. 

Taking a second look could change that. It doesn’t mean that this has to be the only way that you interact with these hobbies from now on, but it could certainly add a degree of versatility. 


smart phone hobbies

The hobby of travelling is so broad that people are going to love different things about it. Do you like the feeling of simply walking around in natural spaces and breathing in the wildlife? If so, maps functions and wildlife identification apps can help you to get more out of this. Perhaps you’re more about travel that can take you overseas – in which case, you might be interested in language learning apps or even apps that can identify where the planes travelling overhead are travelling. 

Even if you’re just planning a road trip, having a way to sort through the potential routes for your trip and find out which roads are closed or inaccessible can make the whole project much more feasible. 


smart phone hobbies

 Mobile gaming is nothing new. Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja were early mobile titles, but they made enough of a name for themselves and caught on through their simplistic yet engaging gameplay loops. Now, however, things are different. Mobile hardware has improved dramatically since then, meaning that mobile gaming is capable of much more – putting it alongside other consoles in many regards. The types of games that you often find on this platform are still quite unique to it, but that now isn’t where the story ends. 

The freemium model of game that is popular on mobile leads to a lot of short-form titles where microtransactions are prevalent. However, digitised casino games, such as machine à sous or blackjack can also be played, which can help appeal to those who aren’t necessarily fans of gaming. 

As well as this, though, you also have ports of games from other consoles and exclusive mobile MMOs, RPGs and shooters. 

Art and Crafts 

smart phone hobbies

Part of what might appeal to you about this hobby at all could be the fact that it actually takes you away from your screen, changing this so that you’re using it might eliminate part of the point. However, you might find that it can work as a complement to your hobby rather than an outright replacement. Your phone can help you find inspiration through platforms like Pinterest or TikTok, allowing you insight into different forms of artwork or another approach you hadn’t considered. After all, art can provide you with a mentally healthy hobby, and you want to do what you can to retain that. 

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