There’s a worldwide effort to decarbonise economies, and now businesses across the globe are having to throw their weight behind such plans in an attempt to drive out greenhouse gases and carbon, and tech companies, in particular, have a unique role to play.  

Tech Companies Paving the Way for Carbon Neutrality 

Digital companies are creating viable markets when it comes to renewables. They are also making global progress in the race to net zero. Google has formed partnerships to boost the general availability of clean energy while using green data centres to reduce carbon emissions. Dell is also creating new technology to reduce waste while conserving resources. 

carbon neutral tech

It’s not just individual companies that are making strides, entire sectors are too. One sector that has led the way in digital transformation and carbon neutrality would be the casino industry. Casinos and bingo halls are gaining more of an online presence, and with the energy demand for this sector being so high, this has made a huge difference to carbon neutrality. 

When you play bingo games at Betfair and other sites, each bingo room can host thousands of players and the only real greenhouse gases that are generated are from digital servers used to support the site. Even then, these are becoming more energy-efficient. Digital technology is one of the strongest and most scalable options that businesses have, and it’s helping the world to win the race to net zero.  

AI and Blockchain Optimising Energy Networks 

The tech industry is already equipped with the tools required to further progress towards net zero. Emerging tech, such as blockchain and AI is helping to optimise current energy networks. AI can be used to predict periods of peak energy use, allowing for better forecasting. AI can also help to adjust energy supply in real-time, across energy grids. 
New bioplastics, recycled materials and organic compounds are used across various manufacturing processes. These materials would not be usable if advancements in tech didn’t facilitate the creation or processing of them. Things like this could easily turn the race to net zero from a marathon to a sprint. 

carbon neutral tech

By harnessing the power of digital advancements, tech companies across the world are becoming enablers for the race to carbon neutrality. From AI to digitisation, it’s safe to say that current advancements are already making a huge impact. Whether it’s enough, is yet to be seen, but it’s evident that tech companies are leading the charge and helping other sectors to lower their carbon emissions in a way that is effective and critical to the future of the planet. 

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