There are all sorts of entertainment sources available today. The world is in a digital era that keeps expanding with each new innovation. The world of finance got an upgrade with the rise of cryptocurrency and as things stand we probably won’t need any cash in the future. We might use cards or other devices to make payments.

The world of entertainment has also changed quite a bit. Most of it’s online nowadays as there are plenty of systems in place to support it. Gaming is an online hobby to enjoy with friends, you can listen to music on countless platforms and enjoy a variety of shows and films on streaming platforms.

Art is also digital as artists use various platforms and tools to express themselves digitally. Books are digital too as they are available in such formats and exist as audiobooks. With examples like these, it’s fair to say that technology has had quite an impact on entertainment.

Various sectors have been impacted variously by the rise of technology and there are several differences brought about in the world of entertainment with the rise of tech. We’ve delved a bit deeper into the two most popular sectors to see just how different entertainment is today.


Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies of today. There are countless video game development studios crafting the games of the future and contributing to the online gaming mania. There are hundreds of titles available on the net today and players can enjoy them whenever they want to.

They belong to various genres so gamers can pick between action, adventure, racing, shooting, strategy and all sorts of other titles. Developers also made sure that casino games were present in the mix. This is why there are loads of casino sites present today.

Players can categorize them based on their favourite games, bonuses and even payment methods. For example, players might be looking for PayPal casinos or crypto casino sites and find several that cover these banking options. Aside from the deposit and withdrawal methods, players will also be able to enjoy various interpretations of casino games in a secure digital environment and enjoy all the perks a site has to offer.

Titles like CS: GO, Fortnite and PUBG rule the seas of online gaming, but there are other developers that make single-player games work. Some of them are indie developers while others are big-time studios. One of the recent examples of a good game is Phantom Liberty which works as a DLC to Cyberpunk 2077.

Another great example of a single-player game is the new Hitman series which takes a popular story and retells it, giving it a brand new look and options for players to use during missions. Playing each mission a certain way comes with a reward which is why players are encouraged to play them again.

All in all, gaming will continue to be one of the most popular hobbies of the digital era. Younger demographics of gamers are born into it so gaming online comes naturally to them. The mammoth that is mobile gaming is in place and won’t likely leave as mobile devices are evolving into the ultimate gaming devices.

Gaming represents one side of the coin and it works well with various streaming services. Together, they encompass the most popular pastimes of the current era of entertainment. Being a streamer is one of the most popular jobs according to today’s youth which is why they will continue gaming and streaming even in their old ages.


Thanks to the rise of technology all you need is a good camera, a mic, a PC or a console as well as a platform that allows you to broadcast your gaming session to become a streamer. Twitch, a platform that’s dominating the current market, is one of the favourite choices for players of all ages. Sure, they can stream themselves while playing DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Alternatively, they can go for a different kind of stream not involving gaming and still be successful.

Another side of the same hobby is the rise of streaming services. Companies like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and others dominate the current market. They offer players a variety of films and TV shows to watch on demand. All they need to do is be members of the platform and subscribe to get the latest news.

Each platform comes with a few original series and TV shows that allow viewers of that platform to enjoy them only if they’re members. This gives new and established actors and actresses more work opportunities and challenges production companies to work more and put out more content to keep the growing number of members satisfied.

The streaming mania is also present in the world of music. Platforms like Spotify allow artists from all over the world to publish their works upload previous albums and songs and reach millions of fans directly. Moreover, upcoming artists can create their profiles and share their music with loads of listeners.

Gaming and streaming are just two examples of how entertainment has gone digital thanks to technology. You can play a game and stream the session yourself or watch another streamer. Alternatively, you can watch a streamer read a book, or watch and create videos on various platforms. People can watch their favourite TV shows and films over and over again, and access their favourite music on a heap of platforms. They can create playlists and share them with friends online.

To Wrap Up

All things considered, the future is digital and technology has made sure that most facets of the world of entertainment are available online. Streaming and gaming remain some of the most popular pastimes of younger generations and coincidently will be the future of the world of entertainment as we know it. The digital era of entertainment is here to stay as we’re moving towards a society that’s increasingly digital. The future of entertainment is mostly online as technology continues to impact it.

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