This is a question for many, particularly technology brands. Some will find that becoming more sustainable can be inherently difficult due to the very nature of the business.

However, there are options that technology-based brands can consider, to help move towards a better future.

New life, for old tech

If you offer a product that can be recycled, reused or re-made, then offer this service.

You can even drive this action with an incentive, like a £10 voucher on return to make sure you get as many products back as possible.

If any of your electronics can be reconditioned and reused, this may start up a refurbishment section of the business and provide new revenue streams. If you can’t reuse the items, find someone who can, find a local firm that is happy to take and recycle your gadgets that can not be salvaged. Many people are taking matters into their own hands by salvaging items in and around the home too.

Small innovations for your packaging

Some technology companies are known for offering non-recyclable and plastic-based packaging options. Find new ways to package your products, think about using local reliable companies to reduce your carbon footprint, and avoid shipping items from overseas if you can.

Can you use a recyclable or already recycled material to package your tech? Think outside the box and you may come up with something new!

Carbon-cutting energy ideas

How are you running your business? Whether this is from a head office or the factory, are there new renewable energy sources that you could use? OKdo’s SVP of Technology Richard Curtin stated that “With the global population predicted to approach 9 billion people by 2030, we are using more resources than the planet can provide”.

Make your imprint smaller in the offices too – are your staff following simple recycling practices, or even stocking your office paper, and stationery from local suppliers?

Partnerships with like-minded companies

Many companies will have similar goals and want to make similar changes to you. The EU’s climate target is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, which many companies are striving to follow.

Patagonia is a brand that champions sustainability and the impact they have on the environment. Due to this determination, they have created a self-imposed Earth Tax, pledging 1% of all their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Focus on product efficiency

If you are providing electrical products, are they meeting the energy efficiency standards set out by the Environmental protection Agency and could you do better? These products could be labelled to show the action you are taking and encourage customers to opt for these products. Can they consume less power, less energy, less material and less labour? It’s worth a thought.

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