Bingo is famous for being an entertaining, light-hearted pastime, with its interactive nature serving to bring people and communities together. Despite the potential scale of the cash prizes on offer, it is also renowned for being a relatively inexpensive game to play. Of course, the amount an individual spends whilst playing bingo is an entirely down to their budget and any limits the operator may impose. However, generally, participating in a bingo session – whether that be by visiting a bricks-and-mortar venue or using an online platform – does not typically require players to spend much money. 

A new way to play

Contrary to popular thought, bingo isn’t an activity consigned to dedicated halls and casual recreational spaces – games are also played in hotels (particularly those with accompanying casinos) up and down the country. As a consequence of enjoying bingo games during their break away, visitors are often keen to continue this activity on their return home. Many people discover free online versions of their favourite games as well as new combinations of games like slingo. People who play slingo at Paddy Power, for example, are likely fans of both slots and bingo, and have finally found a place to enjoy both in one game.

Indeed, many who have visited these types of locations, such as those who have sampled the luxurious Z Hotel & Casino located in the beautiful spa town of Bath, have been inspired to keep playing classic casino games – whether that be bingo or otherwise – long after their break has ended. Perhaps this has something to do with the atmosphere of the casino, or the fact it invokes memories of an unforgettable trip away; either way, this is a pattern of behaviour popular with many who have frequented these venues. 

But what exactly is free bingo? 

In essence, free bingo works in exactly the same way as standard bingo – players possess a set of cards that contain a range of numbers, which are crossed through if (or hopefully when!) they emerge from a randomly generated draw. As a result, players can tap into the full bingo experience without spending a penny, and therefore still take immense enjoyment from playing. Indeed, whether it is having a chat with fellow participants, eagerly awaiting the next number to arrive, or seeing that last, all-important number come through, free bingo players can take advantage of all the positive aspects of standard bingo games.   

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Variances between games

There are various types of standard bingo, and each are equipped with a specific set of accompanying rules – exactly the same thing can be said about free bingo. These rules may allude to the number of cards you are permitted to have, or the total amount of balls included in the draw.

There may also be differences in the availability of specific free bingo games. For example, there may be set periods when free bingo games (or any other type of bingo games for that matter) can be accessed, as bingo operators clearly need a minimum number of players to congregate at any one time in order to make a contest viable. Therefore, if you are considering trying out free bingo, we would encourage you to familiarize yourself with its associated rules and procedures before you play. 

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