As we get older, it can be easy to assume that our days of travel and adventure are behind us. It seems like an activity reserved for young people who are full of spirit and energy.

Some may have the perception that older people are happier to stay at home more often than their younger counterparts.

This is a negative stereotype. There’s nothing to say you can’t get out there and see the world, no matter how old you are. However, as an older traveller there might be certain places and activities that are more suitable. We’ve put together a list of three popular holiday destinations that older travellers will enjoy. Check it out below.


Spain is regularly the most visited country in the world, often battling with France for the top spot. There’s a number of reasons why Spain has remained such a popular destination for so many years, and several that make it the perfect choice for the older traveller.

The most obvious reason is the weather. Spain sees some of the best weather in the whole of Europe, with roasting hot summers and beautifully mild springs and autumns. Millions of people flock to Spain every year to bask on the sandy coastal beaches. However, as an older traveller, visiting Spain at the height of summer might not be ideal for your health. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause health conditions such as heat stroke, which can be incredibly serious in older people. Instead, visit Spain in the cooler autumn or spring months.

Even in spring or autumn, Spain can get hot and heat stroke is still a risk. If you were to require medical assistance, you could be faced with a substantial bill. It would always be a good idea to book travel insurance ahead of time to avoid this, doing so will offer you cover for any medical bills you could incur during your trip.


Few countries conjure ideas such ideas of romance and adventure as Italy. This sunny southern peninsula is steeped in history, culture, and tradition, the country currently has an astonishing 58 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

A visit to Italy can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Italy is a large country, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to places to go and things to see. You could head to the south of Italy where you could spend time in Naples, the home of pizza, or take a trip to the famed island of Sicily. You could head for the middle of the boot and visit Rome, where there is a near limitless list of things to do. Check out the Colosseum, or the Vatican City. Finally, you could head to the north of Italy. This mountainous region has some of the country’s most incredible scenery and is home to the beautiful cities of Florence and Milan.


If Italy or Spain aren’t quite what you’re looking for, maybe France is the perfect holiday destination for you. France is ideal for the older traveller, it’s a country with a storied history and some of the world’s most famous galleries and museums. Take a trip to the Louvre and see the renowned Mona Lisa. Or simply take a leisurely stroll around the atmospheric Parisian streets, you’ll be able to visit iconic locations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe.


There’s no better time to take a holiday than your retirement years. It’s a time when you’re free from major responsibilities like work or children, you can use it as an opportunity to treat yourself and explore the world around you.

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