Picking out the perfect vehicle for your best adventures yet? Any driver knows that road-tripping is shaped by the company you share it with, but it certainly helps to have a fun, fast, and comfortable set of wheels beneath you. 

Whether you’re planning to drive the North Coast 500 for the first time or you’d rather head into Europe, taking the right car will give you a better time. Below, we’ve listed a few of our firm favourites.  

Five of the best family cars for road trips 

  1. BMW 3 Series 

Whether you’re going with a close friend or the whole family, the BMW 3 Series turns any road trip into a blissful adventure. Touring models deliver some of the most competitively huge boot space on the market, and these cars are perfectly suited to four-legged friends, with a handy split tailgate for quick loading too. With BMW shifting focus to all-electric models, there’s never been a better time to buy a 330e and hit the roads. 

  1. Ford Focus 

Looking for an affordable option? If you already drive a Focus, the good news is that you don’t need to go looking for another car to make sure you can enjoy your road trip. Compact and versatile, the Ford Focus offers a smooth drive and delivers incredible fuel efficiency. If you’re driving hundreds of miles on a budget, there’s every reason to choose something that gets you more bang for your buck.  

  1. Land Rover Discovery 

Need an off-roader for your trip?  

If you’re planning to explore those dusty back lanes or try your luck on the route less taken, it’s worth driving a dependable vehicle to handle any terrain you throw at it. This iconic car is highly customisable too, so with extra storage on top, you can enhance or extend your road trip. If you’re looking for a wilder adventure, this car is perfect for a roof tent too. 

  1. Audi RS6 

The RS6 might tap into a slightly more luxurious market than the family car sector, but if you’re not stretched for cash, this model makes the perfect long-distance companion.  

Indulgent interiors make for a comfortable drive, complete with all the necessary navigational and entertainment systems you’ll need to keep you occupied on the way. With top-spec models exceeding 500bhp, the RS6 combines power with class, perfect for those all-out high-end holidays. 

  1. Volkswagen Golf 

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without every sensible driver’s favourite: the VW Golf. Keen petrolheads might be tempted to upgrade to the 300-brake horsepower Golf R to inject fun into the trip, but if keeping fuel costs low is your priority, GTI models still make a strong choice. 

No matter which Golf you choose, you won’t miss out on the drive. This car has been designed with comfort and control at the heart of the experience, both for drivers and passengers. 

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