Did you know the UK houses some of the world’s most impressive castle renovations-now-turned-luxury-stays? Indeed, the team at the International Drivers Association uncovered these majestic transformations for you to explore virtually or perhaps plan your next stay.

“A castle in ruin is only the first part of the tale. The true spirit of transformation comes when it is brought back to life, meticulously rejuvenated to blend historic charm with modern luxury.” – International Drivers Association Travel Expert Julianna Marshall.

From ancient battlegrounds to royal residences, castles stand as timeless symbols of power, wealth, and grandeur. Today, we take a fascinating journey through the United Kingdom, uncovering the top five castle renovations that have been transformed from derelict ruins into luxurious accommodations. Embarking on this voyage through time and architecture, you will unlock the magic of these preserved historical wonders and learn how you can experience them firsthand.

1. Amberley Castle, West Sussex: A Medieval Masterpiece

Known for its timeless allure, Amberley Castle is a 12th-century castle nestled in the picturesque landscape of West Sussex. The fortress, complete with a portcullis and surrounding moat, morphed into a unique getaway with an impressive renovation in 1989. The property now boasts 19 luxury rooms and suites, each aptly named after a British monarch or dignitary.

2. Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire: Royal Refinement

Once a grand Tudor castle frequented by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Thornbury Castle in Gloucestershire has been meticulously renovated to provide an unparalleled regal experience. The castle now houses 27 elegant bedrooms, a restaurant serving sumptuous local cuisine, and extensive gardens.

3. Bovey Castle, Devon: Edwardian Elegance

Built during the hallowed Edwardian era, Bovey Castle in Devon is a symbol of architectural excellence. Its meticulous renovation culminated in 60 individually designed bedrooms, two restaurants offering fine dining experiences, and an 18-hole champion golf course.

4. Ashford Castle, County Mayo: An Irish Icon

Situated in County Mayo, the 800-year-old Ashford Castle underwent an extensive restoration process, assuring a beautiful blend of ancient architecture with modern amenities. The castle now offers 83 rooms, a cinema, a billiard room, and Ireland’s first school of falconry.

5. Inverlochy Castle, Scotland: Highland Haven

Tucked away in the Scottish Highlands, the 19th-century Inverlochy Castle offers a magical fusion of history and opulence. Following its restoration, it now flaunts 17 bedrooms, all unique in design and heritage, and a Michelin-starred restaurant.

To stay in these castles is to become part of their history, to bask in their grandeur, and to enjoy the luxuriousness they now offer,” advises International Drivers Association Travel Expert Julianna Marshall.

As you plan your next trip, consider adding one or more of these impressive accommodations to your itinerary. Not only will you be luxuriously catered to, but you’ll also feel an intimate connection with the past. Remember that each step taken within these resplendent castle walls is a step back in time, enriching your journey with a touch of historical grandeur.

“Sleeping in a castle… feeling the weight of centuries as you rest your head… that’s something few experiences can rival.” – Julianna Marshall.

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