Couples will have plenty of amazing things to see and do in Portugal, especially in the Algarve, a charming region famous for its golden sand beaches and incredible sandstone rock formations, caves and cliffs.

The best way to discover this beautiful region is to rent a car, drive to some of the region’s most beautiful places, and look for tranquil, secluded beaches to spend some romantic moments. 

If you are wondering where to go, here are some of the most romantic places to visit in the Algarve.


Located on Portugal’s southern coast, Albufeira is the perfect place for a romantic retreat, ideal for couples celebrating an anniversary or a honeymoon. The beautiful coastal town offers plenty of exciting and relaxing activities suitable for couples, including stunning sunset views. 

Begin your day with a romantic stroll at the Alvor Boardwalk, a 5.2-km loop track covering a coastal area on the west coast of Albufeira. As you soak up the stunning scenery, you’ll also have an opportunity to spot some wildlife. For active couples, consider kayaking along Albufeira’s scenic coast. You can paddle to beaches like Praia da Coelha and Praia dos Arrifes, where you can relax on the sand, surrounded by towering cliffs and rocky formations that jut out into the water. 

After all the fun activities you had at the beach, the best way to end your day is to indulge in a relaxing spa and massage. Enjoy relaxation with your partner in a heated pool or sauna after getting a massage from professional therapists. You will find plenty of resorts that offer luxury spa treatments in Albufeira, and one of these is Serenity Spa, which offers spa packages for couples.


Quarteira is one of the first resort towns established on the Algarve coastline. And while there are many resort towns in the Algarve today, many tourists would still prefer to visit Quarteira, especially couples looking for a relaxing holiday. 

Over the last few years, Quarteira has improved and now boasts a charming beachside promenade with freshly painted buildings. The beach has numerous apartment blocks and hotels, some of which cater to honeymooners. Quarteira offers plenty of things to explore, from its magnificent marina to world-class golf courses. It also has a vast selection of activities and fun day trips, not to mention a water park called the Aquashow Park.

Since Quarteira caters to many tourists and locals, it offers a great selection of best-value restaurants and bars within the central Algarve. The resort town is also home to seafood restaurants serving sumptuous seafood dishes, including freshly caught fish. If you’re looking for a simple Algarve holiday rental stay within shot of a beautiful beach, and vast dining options, Quarteira is the place to be. 


Porches is a charming small town in Central Algarve, an ideal place for couples looking to stay in a quiet area away from the tourist crowd. It has a population of only 2,000 people. Porches is a small sleepy town with only a few bars and restaurants.

For couples who love great food, Porches is worth considering. Despite being small, it has many high-end restaurants where you can indulge in delicious international and local cuisines. The town is also fun to explore, where you could come across pottery shops, art galleries, wine shops, and a 16th Century church called the Igreja Matriz de Porches.

For couples who prefer to indulge in some adventures, go check out Aqualand, only a few minutes’ drive from Porches. It’s one of the many waterparks in the Algarve and famous for its fun rides, such as the Flying Mattresses, Crazy Race, Rapids, and Hydra. 


The charming city of Faro is another destination for couples on a relaxing holiday in the Algarve. With pretty old towns, medieval walls, picturesque marinas, and cobbled stone streets lined with beautiful buildings, your romantic holiday to Faro is something you’ll never forget!

For nature lovers, go to Ria Formosa. It’s a natural wonderland of marshes, pine forests, white sand beaches, and freshwater lakes. The park is also teeming with wildlife, making it a haven for wildlife lovers. Another beautiful place that nature lovers should visit is the Ilha do Farol, which you can reach on a ferry ride. This small barrier island has extensive white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a magical desert island. 

Castelo de Silves is another picturesque place worth a visit in Faro. While getting to the top requires a steep trek through narrow streets, the views are well worth it! This red sandstone castle occupies a site first built by the Romans. It’s now one of the best-preserved Moorish castles in Portugal and a great day trip from Faro.


Lagos is one of the Algarve’s most popular tourist towns and an ideal destination for couples on a honeymoon. You will have plenty to explore in this beautiful town. Within its 16th-century walls are cobblestone streets lined with Baroque churches and excellent seafood restaurants.

The best activity in Lagos for active couples is kayaking in Ponta da Piedade. Only a 10-min drive south of Lagos, Ponta da Piedade is one of the region’s most stunning natural attractions and is best explored on a kayak. You can also hike the area through a series of boardwalks, going down into the coves through stone staircases. If you prefer to relax on your holiday, the best place for that is in Praia do Camilo, a small strip of sand surrounded by towering cliffs. It’s accessible through a wooden staircase and an artificial tunnel through limestone rocks. 

You’ll also find plenty of beautiful sites to explore in Lagos, and one of these is the Governor’s Castle. Due to the town’s strategic position on the coast, it has to be protected by fortifications. The wall structure you’ll see now dates back to the 16th Century. Some sections of the walls are still there, including the arched entrance flanked by chunky watchtowers.

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