A trip to the Taj Mahal is more affordable than visiting the Eiffel Tower, new research reveals. 

A new study, conducted by Novuna Personal Finance, delved into the cost of visiting bucket list destinations around the world, looking at the most affordable and expensive locations. 

The research analysed the cost of flights from the UK, food, admission fees, and accommodation to estimate how much it could cost UK travellers to take a week-long trip to some of the world’s top-rated tourist attractions. 

Prague Castle topped the list of most affordable bucket list destinations, costing just £898 for one traveller to take a week’s holiday. Hagia Sophia in Turkey came in second (£985), followed by Petra in Jordan (£1,026). 

When it comes to the most expensive bucket list destination, the Great Barrier Reef was revealed to be the dearest – a trip to the world’s largest coral reef system will cost the average UK traveller £5,303 for the week. 

The flights alone cost close to £2,000, while accommodation on Hamilton Island will set you back over £2,788 for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

Affordable Bucket List DestinationsIt’s clear holidaymakers are on the lookout for once-in-a-lifetime trips without breaking the bank. Novuna Personal Finance spotted an 84 per cent increase in searches for ‘bucket list destinations’ this year, while searches for ‘affordable luxury holidays’ have surged by 52 per cent in the same period. 

Theresa Lindsay, Director of Marketing at Novuna Personal Finance, comments: “Whether for a milestone birthday, special occasion, or simply to see the world, we all have those bucket list destinations we dream of travelling to.  

“Our research has found that the costs of travelling to some of the world’s most highly rated tourist attractions are more affordable and accessible than many would expect. It is particularly interesting to see so many non-European destinations within the most affordable list, especially as holidaymakers often won’t consider travelling outside of Europe, due to the anticipated expenses. 

“As the research shows, the difference between the cost of a more ordinary holiday and visiting a bucket list destination is not as extreme as perhaps expected.We’re seeing an increase in searches for these once-in-a-lifetime destinations, too, as people look to tick off one of their dream destinations instead. 

“However, travelling to bucket list destinations can be costly, even when the most affordable is chosen. That’s where a holiday loan can help, as it allows holidaymakers to spread the cost over a series of fixed-rate payments. 

“Holiday loans can also be used to enhance the experience of travelling abroad, allowing holidaymakers to top up their travel budgets. This could include upgrading flights to first class, adding another destination to the itinerary, or booking personal tours of these famous landmarks.” 

To find out more about how you could make your bucket list holiday a reality, visit the Novuna Personal Finance website. 

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