Krakow revealed as the best budget-friendly winter getaway destination for the second year running have created a ranking of the best budget-friendly winter getaway destination in Europe. This is the second year they have completed this ranking, they used the same ten cities to visualise how the results have altered over the past twelve months.

To do this, they analysed factors such as the number of cheap food establishments and the average cost of staying in each city for a week. Each city was then given a score out of 50 and ranked accordingly.

As ranked these cities last year, we are able to make comparisons between the two rankings. 

So firstly, let’s remind ourselves of 2021’s ranking, the top five destinations for a budget-friendly winter getaway last year were:

  1. Krakow
  2. Prague
  3. Paris
  4. Brussels
  5. Budapest

Now that we’ve familiarised ourselves with the previous ranking, it’s time to see how the top five have altered over the past twelve months.

The top five destinations for a budget-friendly winter getaway were:

  1. Krakow, Poland 

The Polish city of Krakow placed first in the ranking for the second year in a row, scoring 37 out of 50 points. The city offers 646 affordable restaurants and is the cheapest location on the list for renting a car (£180.29).

Tourists can expect to pay £143 for a flight from Heathrow to Krakow, furthermore, the average cost of a week-long stay is £652.40.

  1. Berlin, Germany 

Berlin ranked second with the German capital scoring 36 out of 50 points. Last year the iconic city ranked sixth, this year Berlin is one of the best places to visit this winter. The city is known for its history, especially throughout the second World War. Its biggest attraction, the Reichstag Building is available to see for free. 

In total, Berlin is home to 1517 cheap food establishments. Additionally, the average cost of a car rental in the city is £253.97.

  1. Brussels, Belgium

In fourth place, the Belgian city of Brussels scored 32 out of 50 points. Brussels is home to some unbelievable buildings including its biggest attraction, the Grand Palace. Last year Brussels ranked fourth and the city is still a fantastic place to visit during the winter period.

The city also offers tourists a choice of 609 cheap restaurants. The average price of renting a car in Brussels is £230.54.

  1. Paris, France 

Next, the ‘City of Love’ ranked fourth this year, with Paris scoring 30 out of 50 points. Known worldwide as a renowned romantic hotspot, the city offers 2919 cheap restaurants, the most out of all locations analysed. The iconic Eiffel Tower will cost tourists £17.54 to experience.

On average, a week-long stay in the romantic city will set you back by £1,057.07, the second most expensive on the ranking. 

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

    Rounding off the ranking, Prague scored 30 out of 50 points. Dropping from second in last year’s ranking to fifth, Prague is known for its picturesque architecture, particularly Prague Castle, which is available to see for £14.04. 

    The average cost of a flight to Prague from Heathrow is £141.20. There are also 1189 cheap restaurants to choose from and an average price of £707.67 for a week-long stay.

    Rounding off the full ranking, the remaining cities in order were; Budapest, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Vienna and Amsterdam.

    It was interesting to see Krakow maintain its top spot. On the other hand, a rise in hotel prices saw Amsterdam drop from seventh in 2021 to tenth this year. It was also impressive to see Berlin rise to second place from sixth.

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