When traveling, it is the most practical option for families and travelers with a lot of baggage to take their own car to the airport.

However, that leaves them with the issue of where to park their car while they are away. Among many other prices in the current inflation, the parking cost of airports keeps rising.

How do we find secure parking spaces at the airport and minimize the cost of airport parking?

Comparison Websites – Important Tools for Finding Good Prices & Service

The internet gives us many opportunities to find the best offers for international services. Google searches, customer reviews, and comparison websites give us easy access to comprehensive lists and 5-star systems to easily find the different options, prices, and which combinations suit us most.

How Does Airport Parking with Comparison Websites Work?

These services also exist for airport parking. Click here to be led to Parkos, one of the leading comparison websites for international airport parking. Using their service, you can select the airport of your choice, enter the dates for your trip, and get a list of the cheapest and best service packages for on and off-site parking providers for airports.

  1. Select the Airport & Enter the Dates for the Trip
  2. Compare the Available Offers & Select Different Options to Find Suitable Parking Service
  3. Book the Parking Space Via the Comparison Website & Pay Using their Payment System
  4. Receive Confirmation via E-Mail
  5. Drive to the Airport
  6. Use the E-Mail Confirmation to Drop Off Your Car
  7. Take a Shuttle to the Gate (when Shuttle Parking)
  8. Have a Relaxing Trip Knowing Your Car is in a Secure Location
  9. After Arriving Back at the Airport: Take a Shuttle to the Parking Lot or Collect the Car from the Valet at the Meeting Point
  10. Ride Home

Different Options for Airport Parking

There are different kinds of airport parking providers and the services they provide. The first distinction can be made between official airport parking and off-site airport parking.

  • Official Airport Parking: Benefits from the airport name and proximity to the airport gates but tends to be more expensive.
  • Non-Official Airport Parking: Offers more comprehensive services and better prices but is farther away. Services like shuttle or valet parking help cross the distance between the parking lot and airport gates. Since they are independent providers, it is important to check the trustworthiness and quality of the service before booking.

Both providers offer different kinds of parking and services connected to it. Since they are competing with the practical official airport parking offers, off-site providers tend to offer a wider variety of service packages with better prices. The most common types of airport parking are:

  • Park & Fly: Park the car at the airport and walk to the gate.
  • Shuttle Parking: Park the car farther away from the airport and take a shuttle included in the parking fee to the airport gates.
  • Valet Parking: Drive to a meeting point close to the gates and hand the car to a valet, that drives the car to the parking lot, and returns it after you return from your trip.
  • Other parking service packages might combine a stay at a hotel on or next to the airport premises with long-time parking for a stress-less process.

Naturally, the more practical a service is, the more expensive it tends to be. Valet parking is the most luxurious option, since somebody else deals with the hassle of parking, and you just need to drive right to the gate and do not need to worry about anything else. In comparison, shuttle parking takes more effort for the traveler and is cheaper in turn.

Conclusion – Compare Prices & Services for the Best Airport Parking Experience

With the help of airport parking comparison websites, you receive a comprehensive overview of the available parking service providers, their available parking options for specific dates, and the prices you need to pay. This way, you can compare the cheapest packages and the service scope included in their offer.

The best balance lies between the cheapest service that still offers you the practicability you are looking for. If you can afford it, selecting a valet service might be worth the stress-free experience. Otherwise, the comparison websites help you find the cheapest options, like shuttle parking at off-site airport parking lots. Thanks to their review system, you can rely on the descriptions of their service and find trustworthy and satisfactory options.

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