Denmark, the Netherlands and Hungary are the three safest countries in the world to work in, with the United States considered the second most unsafe country to work in. 

In the U.S. alone, 6,632 fatal accidents were reported to the International Labour Organization, making it the country with the highest number of reported fatal injuries to the ILO.

In addition, the states have the highest cost for health insurance policies, coming in at an average of $11,942 per health insurance policy, per year, per person. 

Researchers analyzed data from around the world, looking at the number of fatal injuries that have happened within the workplace in each country, alongside the work-life balance of each country, the average cost of health insurance policies and how peaceful each country is by using data from Vision of Humanity, to reveal the safest countries around the world to work in

The safest countries in the world to work in are: 


The least safe countries in the world to work in are: 

2United States of America
8South Africa
9United Kingdom

Fatal workplace injuries around the world 

Iceland (4 fatal injuries reported), Mauritius (5 fatal injuries reported) and Cyprus (8 fatal injuries reported) reported the least amount of workplace injuries across the globe. 

The United States is the 2nd most unsafe country to work in, when looking at the number of fatalities in the workplace, alongside the average hours worked by employees and the other factors noted above. 

Following the U.S., Japan has the second most fatal injuries in the workplace (1,628 fatal injuries reported), followed by Mexico (1,427 fatal injuries reported). 

Work-life balance around the world 

Switzerland and the Netherlands have the best work-life balance. When looking at the percentage of employees per country who work on average more than 50 hours a week, the US comes in at 22nd place, closely followed by the United Kingdom. Although many are working more than 50 hours a week, in the US an average working week is 40 hours and in the UK the average working week is slightly less, totalling 37.5 hours.

Health insurance policies around the world 

We found that the average cost of a health insurance policy is the most expensive in the US, costing on average $11,942 per individual policy per year. Hungary, on the other hand, has the cheapest policies with annual health insurance policies averaging $2,582 per year.

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