Planning for a trip away in your motorhome is exciting. But comprehending just how much you have to remember to pack can also be overwhelming.

Even for seasoned motorhome travellers, creating a packing list requires a lot of thinking. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of everything you need to pack for a motorhome trip. While your list might vary depending on how long you are going away for, or the destination you’ve chosen, don’t forget these essentials:

Kitchen equipment

If you’re planning on cooking during your travels, don’t forget to pack the essential cooking utensils like pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, glassware, sharp knives, scissors, and a colander. Essential food items also include dry ingredients like pasta, sugar, tins of soup, flour, dry noodles and stock cubes: great for cobbling together simple recipes on the road.

Road safety equipment

Staying safe while travelling in your motorhome is a must. Warning triangles, jacks and hi-visibility jackets are all essential items to remember so you can stay safe on the road.


Getting lost will be a downer on your travel plans. Packing both a GPS and some physical maps of your chosen destination will make sure you always remain on the right path. Be sure to also plan your routes before you travel as some roads can be narrow and you might find it difficult to fit your motorhome down!

Gas bottles

Another motorhome essential. Travelling in your van during the winter season? Pack propane. Heading to warmer climates? Butane will work perfectly instead. If you’re using gas indoors, butane will also be your best friend.


Bikes provide enormous flexibility for travellers on the road, especially if you’re planning to discover your new destination on 2 wheels.

External campervan equipment

As well as getting everything prepared for inside your van, make sure to pack external motorhome equipment like a water hose and connector, electrical cables, adaptors for hooking up to the mains electricity and levelling blocks.

Cleaning equipment

Keeping your motorhome tidy while you’re on the road is a must when you only have a small living space. Don’t forget everything you need to keep it clean like a dustpan and brush, cleaning wipes and disposable gloves.


Getting a good night’s kip can be challenging when you’re away. Guarantee you get at least 6 hours a night by packing warm sleeping bags, a mattress topper, and a full-sized comfy pillow straight from your bed back home.

Outdoor chairs and tables

Especially handy if you’re travelling during summer, outdoor chairs and tables can help you expand your living quarters to the outside – and even invite other travellers you’ve met on the road over for some dinner!

Driver’s license and insurance papers

Never be caught short by having your driver’s license and insurance papers on hand. Taking out good motorhome insurance before you go will keep your mind at bay in case the worse were to happen while you were away.

The next time you’re thinking of heading on your next motorhome adventure, use this packing list to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your time away.

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