At the end of May, Slam Dunk festival was marred by issues including congestion and parking issues that reportedly meant some attendees missed out on seeing their favourite acts.

Each summer, music lovers flock to muddy fields from every corner of the country to see their favourite acts.

Glastonbury alone sees around 210,000 attendees, and 50% of those drive to the festival according to The Eco Experts. General admission tickets to Glastonbury cost £335 each, not including a booking fee, so it’s understandable that festival goers would want to spend more time at the festival than in a car outside it!

With this in mind – and with Glastonbury approaching (June 21st to 26th) I wondered if you would be interested in the below tips on driving to a festival courtesy of car finance company Carmoola:

🚗 Plan your route and allow extra time: Before setting off, make sure you plan your route thoroughly, considering any traffic congestion or road closures near the festival site. Use a reliable navigation system or GPS app to guide you. Also, factor in extra time for potential delays and traffic jams, as festival periods can lead to increased traffic volume. You can help reduce congestion around the event by car-sharing with friends, or even using social media to arrange this with other festival goers near you. Aside from the convenience of fewer cars around the festival, this contributes to reducing the event’s overall carbon footprint

You should expect some traffic as you get close to the festival, though – so make sure you’ve stocked up with enough snacks for you and your passengers, and at least one of your group needs to come prepared with a perfect playlist to pass the time!

🧳 Pack essential supplies: Ensure you have all the necessary supplies for your journey and the festival itself. Some important items to pack include a fully charged mobile phone, a spare tire, a first aid kit, water, a flashlight, a roadside emergency kit, and any necessary medication. Additionally, bring camping gear, warm clothing, and raincoats for the festival experience.

🔧 Do all essential checks on your car before setting off: So you can focus on the journey without worrying about your car breaking down en route, it’s important to check the essentials before your trip. Check your dashboard for any warning lights, test the foot brake and handbrake, check your engine oil level, test the air conditioning, and check your lights all work before you depart. It may not be the most fun job, but it means you can enjoy the drive without worry.

⛺ Check parking and camping arrangements: Familiarise yourself with the festival’s parking and camping arrangements beforehand. Some festivals may have designated parking areas or campsites, while others may require pre-booking. Check if there are any specific guidelines or restrictions regarding vehicle size, camping equipment, or access times. Be prepared to follow instructions from festival staff to ensure a smooth parking and camping experience.

🚨 Be mindful of festival security: Take necessary precautions to secure your vehicle and belongings. Lock your car when leaving it unattended and avoid leaving valuable items in plain sight. Keep your festival tickets, identification, and cash on your person in a secure location. If possible, park your vehicle in well-lit and monitored areas to minimise the risk of theft.

🛑 Prepare for festival-related driving restrictions: Many festivals, including Glastonbury, implement traffic control measures and driving restrictions to manage the influx of vehicles. Familiarise yourself with these restrictions, such as one-way systems, road closures, or temporary traffic signals. Follow the guidance of festival organisers and local authorities, and be patient when encountering traffic delays or diversions.

Remember to prioritise safety, follow traffic rules, and be considerate of other drivers and festival-goers. Enjoy the music festival experience, and have a fantastic time! 

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