From its vibrant beaches, and historical cities to its stunning culture, Spain is a well-known destination among travellers, and as one of the world’s most gorgeous and varied countries, it has a lot to offer.

Especially, when it comes to visiting an all-time favourite place like Mallorca, it has been an exciting tourist for a long time.

It’s packed with everything you need for a holiday, whether you’re aiming to unwind or an adventure, but today we’ll focus on the often missed places to visit, the hidden gems in Mallorca.

Mallorca is situated in the Mediterranean, part of the Balearic Islands, it’s renowned among tourists for its outstanding beaches, weather, and nightlife. Not only that, the island is packed with hidden gems to explore and discover, from small towns, gardens, and the countryside to natural assets and important sites.

The best way to delve into the island is by car, head to a car rental in Mallorca, and drive your way to the many things to do and see what it has to offer. Mallorca will surely have an amazing impact on you and your holiday.

Hidden Gems in Mallorca You Need to Visit

Cuevas de Artà

If you’re looking for a natural wonder, head to Cuevas de Artà. A huge and unique network of caves, situated on a cliff overlooking the sea on the exterior of Canyamel, offers dramatic views of the landscape. The cave itself is easy to explore, it has well-lit paths, and the tour guides are helpful.

The whole tour takes at least 1h to complete, and the price is accessible per person. It’s an ideal place for an amazing exploration time, you’ll be able to see stalactites and stunning rock formations.

Jardines de Alfabia

Jardines de Alfabia

Alfabia was originally a residence of Ben-Abet, the Moorish representative of Mallorca. It’s located on the south slope of Coll de Soller. The stunning complex comprises the gorgeous garden and the house, it’s packed with tranquility and green spaces, from fountains, and ponds to palm trees and more.

In 1954 the area was declared a cultural monument by the government. The walk in the garden and house is not long, but you can spend a few hours there. The walk is accompanied by the sound of water, giving it a nice and relaxing touch.

Inside the house, you can find a few interesting pieces of art and decoration packed with history.


An often overlooked village, Betlem is situated on the North Coast of Mallorca. An off the beaten path location that breathes peace and tranquillity. Head to Cap of Farrutx for a hike and enjoy the stunning scenery. Another amazing place to check is the Ermita de Betlem, a 200 years old monastery.

If you want to take a swim, head north to Cala Na Clara and enjoy the water and sun. The village is one of the places where you’ll not find almost any tourists, it’s visited mostly by locals. There are a few restaurants for you to try.

A must-visit place if you want to step aside from the busy main tourist areas.

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