The global leader in the house swap holiday, HomeExchange, offering authentic, sustainable and affordable vacation opportunities for everyone.

In a cost-of-living crisis, a home swap holiday is not only a cost-effective way to travel, but it offers the chance to live like a local anywhere in the world with the opportunity to make life long connections with the people you swap with:

house swap holiday
  • The average member saves £2,109 per year by using their membership to travel the world*
  • Globally, there were 296,415 exchanges last year (up 53% from 2022), with 7,278 exchanges by UK members (up 62% from 2022) and 8,501 exchanges in the UK (up 69% from 2022)
  • The platform is already seeing a 53% increase in exchanges YOY comparing January 2024 with January 2023
  • Members don’t only swap houses, but cars, pets, and even share access to lifestyle services such as ski and baby equipment and club memberships

HomeExchange currently has over 150,000 members across over 140 countries worldwide. Members can choose from a classic, simultaneous swap, where they swap houses with someone else, either at the same time or on different dates, or a non-simultaneous points swap, allowing them to travel without having to match their plans with another member.

house swap holiday

House Swap Holiday Testimony of Sinead McWalters Home Exchange

“So, our first exchange was organised within days of signing up with HE. I received a beautiful letter from a couple in Turin and how they would like to come to our home in June 2023.It was also their first exchange. My husband and I never had Turin on our bucket list, my husband was retiring on 2nd of June and on a whim we decided to do the exchange. We immediately clicked with the couple in Turin and we decided to stagger the exchange so we would spend time with them in Turin, they would then go to our home for 3 weeks and we would have some time with them in our home.”

“HE has given me so much hope for humanity. The trust , transparency, welcome, generosity is far greater than I would ever have imagined.”

House Swap Holiday Testimony of Geraldine Moran

“I first started HE almost 15 years ago, after my husband had died–we had always been great travellers and I wanted to continue travelling. As I often travelled solo, having a house / apartment felt safer and more comfortable–”

“I was able to cook/eat at home rather than using restaurants alone”

“The properties were in more residential locations rather than city centre / commercial districts”

“Having use of additional bedrooms, often allowed friends and family to join me for some of the vacation.”

“I have enjoyed several trips in the US and Europe.”

……”It turned out to the best holiday I ever had–myself andLeonard got on like the proverbial house on fire–he was the nicest friendliesthost ever–completelyat home in the isolation and just wanted to show off the beautiful country, the wild deer and themountain. Turned out I stayed almost 2 weeks, he drove me all over the place, we caught fish in thelake, visited his friends and family.”

…………..”I subsequently met the entire family–other brother and his wife in Vancouver, went on holidays in Spain with Barbara, brought my own adult children out to see Leonards house in Labelle and hosted other family members in Ireland and in fact visited them again this summerin Canada–10 years after my initial exchange. I consider them all my close friends–if someone had told me before I left Ireland on the first occasion that I would spend 2 weeks in a mountain house, with a total stranger, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

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