Are you planning on going camping next year? Whether you exclusively camp at festivals or you’re planning a big summer holiday, here are just some things you can do to enhance your camping experience:

Learn from past mistakes

It goes without saying that before you try out anything new for your next camping trip, take a look back at your previous trips and consider what went wrong or could have been improved. Did you not pack enough food? Was your sleeping bag not warm enough? Did your tent leak? Think about how these problems can be avoided on your next trip; this is likely to include replacing some of your camping gear or putting more thought into your planning.

Invest in a generator

Whilst camping is a great opportunity to ditch your phone and enjoy some time in nature, there are certain instances where having power can be either essential for safety or just useful for enhancing your camping trip. Generators give you access to power when you aren’t connected to the grid which can be very helpful if you are camping somewhere remote. Whether you use it for charging your devices, powering lighting, or even using a portable heater, a generator is a great option if you are a regular camper. Given the cost of them, it is only worth making the investment if you intend to camp frequently throughout the year, or you could consider splitting the cost of one with friends and family if they enjoy camping too.

up your camping game

Prepare a dedicated camping kit

One of the most frustrating parts of a camping trip can be arriving and realising you have left something crucial behind at home. Putting together a dedicated kit of all the essentials that you only use when camping can help avoid this issue as you aren’t required to pack and unpack things you use at home, but instead have duplicates, kept ready for whenever you plan to go camping. The kit should contain things such as travel sizes of all the toiletries you wish to take, as well as a first aid kit. This should be stored with your camping furniture to ensure you don’t forget to pack it. If you holiday in a trailer tent, or something similar, the kit can be permanently stored there.

Don’t forget to replenish anything that you use up in between trips!

Prioritise comfort

It’s very easy to see pictures of staged camping trips on Pinterest and think that you need to treat your camping trip as a runway. Whilst this is a fun thought, it can often be impractical and result in a very chilly trip.

To have the best camping trip possible it is important to prioritise comfort in all elements; this includes clothing and sleeping equipment. Invest in some high-quality thermals to stay warm and don’t forget to pack plenty of blankets to ensure a cosy night’s sleep no matter the weather.

How to save money on your next camping trip

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