Have you considered going away for Christmas this year? Between the shopping and the extended family obligations, the idea of Christmas tends to lose its shine after a few dozen iterations.

If Christmas is starting to feel more like a capitalism-induced headache rather than a pleasant event with people close to you, shake things up a little by taking a trip abroad. Get away from the elbows to the ribs in the stores and have a Christmas you actually enjoy. Take a look at our ideas for a holiday abroad in December.

Brussels, Belgium

If you really want to lean into all things Christmas, you can’t go wrong with Brussels. Not only does the city itself look like a gingerbread house maker went wild, but it’s famed for its Christmas markets. Get yourself a real Belgian hot chocolate to go and wander round the stalls. Go before Christmas and get all your shopping done in one go or enjoy a real winter wonderland. Venture outside the city a little bit and enjoy a reindeer ride through the snow, meeting Santa, or simply some of Belgium’s famous beer.

The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

When better to take advantage of the slopes but in the height of winter? If you’d rather have a more active Christmas holiday, this is the option for you. Spend your days skiing, snowboarding, and otherwise “swooping” down the slopes, taking in the breath-taking nature around you, only to land in the little town at the bottom filled with cafes and restaurants ready to warm you up. By night, retreat to a cabin by the fire with a mulled wine. Check the weather forecast for the best times to go with Piste Pro and it’ll be a Merry Christmas to all!

Reykjavik, Iceland

christmas in reykjavikThis is the choice for anyone truly looking for a break around Christmas. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. Head to Reykjavik and sample the hot springs. You can sample a face mask and soak in comfort with the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains right in front of you.

Once you start to look like a prune, you can get out into the country and really see nature up close. Stand under the waterfalls on the south coast, go whale watching or stay up to see the Northern Lights.

Dublin, Ireland

Then again, maybe you don’t need to get far away, you could just do with a fun weekend. Then Dublin is the best place for you. Enjoy a few drinks in Ireland’s capital with the friendly locals. Wander the shops, visit a few distilleries, maybe catch a comedy show or sample a few bars, and collapse into your hotel room again. Venture outside the city and you can take in the scenery of the surrounding nature or even visit a castle.

Lanzarote, Spain

Then again, maybe you’re trying to get as far away from cold and snow as possible. Maybe you’re someone who has Google “where is hot in December?” Well, we have the answer: the Canary Islands. Being geographically closer to Africa than Spain means that there is a (relatively to British weather anyway) decent level of heat throughout the year. In Lanzarote, you’ve got everything catered for on one island. Sit by the pool during the day and sample the many restaurants by night. A cocktail by your side at every instance of course. Wander through the bars and find a show or dance the night away.


Whether you’re looking to take a break from the daily grind and extra stress Christmas brings or escape the whole idea entirely, we’ve got the Christmas getaway for you.

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