Dust off your passport, and pack your bags, we are going on holiday! The in-flight essentials for your summer getaway…

The holiday season is in full swing, and we’ve got the in-flight essentials for your summer getaway. Whether that’s a weekend city break in Europe or that extra luxe tropical trip for later this summer, these inflight essentials will get your holiday off to the right start.


Keep tired eyes at bay with Peep Club’s Instant Eye Relief Spray, £15

In-flight aircon can play havoc with eye moisture, leaving eyes feeling dry and itchy. Created by expert optometrists, Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray, uses Sea Buckthorn Oil, designed to lock in the moisture of tears and naturally protect eyes from drying over time. Available from peepclub.com.

Don’t let the stresses of travel get you down, make sure you pack Zohi’s Calm Gummies, £16.99

Zohi’s Calm Gummies help improve your physical and mental resistance to stress.  Helping regulate stress, reduce fatigue, and promote a good emotional balance – keep it in your handbag for whenever you need a moment of zen. Available at zohi.co.uk

Get in the happy holiday mood with the Tisserand Total De-Stress Pulse Point Rollerball, £7.50

Perfect for when it’s been a hectic trip to the airport, or you’re feeling a little nervous about flying, or you just need to unwind and get into a holiday relaxation mood. This comforting blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils will help reduce feelings of anxiety and bring a sense of calm. A handy size to pop in your hand luggage. Available from tisserand.com

Perk up your skin with The Faace Travel Buddy Kit, £36

Featuring Dirty and Tired Faace, this travel-friendly kit will keep your skin perfectly cleansed and in mint condition when you’re on the move.  Wherever you are, Faace is a must-have for your travels this year. Available from selfridges.co.uk

Red-eye flight? Make sure to pack Dr. Organic’s Ageless Overnight Recovery Oil, £11.24

This seaweed-based recovery oil does its best work at night! Sustainably formulated with powerful organic seaweed and plant extracts, this recovery oil intensively nourishes and replenishes your skin while you sleep – a must-have for any overnight flights planned this year. Available from drorganic.co.uk

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