To help those booking a bucket list adventure, travel experts at eShores have looked at Brits’ most searched bucket list experiences and are answering some of the unusual questions that occur around them.

  1. “Why can’t you sing to the Northern Lights?”

The Northern Lights are the UK’s third most popular bucket list destination – but some travellers are concerned about what happens if you sing to them.

This worry comes from historical myths; the appearance of the Northern Lights was once considered a bad omen representing the souls of the dead. The Sámi people in Scandinavia feared the lights and hid indoors during their presence, while Native Americans believed whistling at the aurora would cause it to sweep you away.

  1. “Do sharks like getting their bellies rubbed?”

While swimming with dolphins is declining in popularity, swimming or cage diving with sharks is becoming the new must-try bucket list activity. Now, videos of sharks being ‘petted’ have led to many tourists wondering just how friendly they actually are.

Some aquarium workers report sharks in captivity responding positively to affection and even seemingly offering themselves up for belly rubs and petting. While some sharks, in very specific circumstances, could respond well to affection, this action is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be repeated if you’re not a professional.

  1. “Do they turn Niagara Falls off at night?”

This question may sound baffling – after all, how do you ‘turn off’ a waterfall? However, there is some truth behind it. While Niagara Falls isn’t ever turned off, at night, when there are fewer visitors, the water flowing over some of the Falls is reduced and diverted for hydro generation. Water flow is reduced by around half through the night and restored during the day when most tourists visit.

  1. “What happens if a hot air balloon pops?”

Hot air ballooning is the UK’s second most searched-for bucket list experience, but some travellers are worried about them popping. Actually, hot air balloons aren’t like traditional balloons, so they can’t pop. Instead, they’re made with strong, flexible fabric that can withstand small holes without any impact on your trip.

  1. “Is there a dress code for flying First Class?”

There is generally no official dress code for flying First Class, but passengers should ensure clothes are neat, clean and comfortable to fly in. Many airlines provide pyjamas for First Class passengers, allowing you to wear smarter clothing to the airport (if you prefer) before changing for the flight. Of course, always double-check with your specific airline if you have questions before your journey.

Alcatraz Island on a hill with a tower on top of it

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  1. “What was the food like at Alcatraz?”

Considering the near-torturous conditions experienced at Alcatraz, the food was supposedly quite pleasant! A typical Alcatraz Dining Hall menu dating back to 1934 included options such as roast beef, mashed potatoes, pork, beans, cornbread, and fresh vegetables, while a 1946 menu boasted bacon jambalaya, chili con carne, and steak.

  1. “Do lions like to be petted?”

Going on safari is the UK’s number one bucket list experience. However, some travellers want more from the experience than others, asking whether they can pet the lions. While steps are taken to keep safaris safe for humans, petting the lions is never recommended. These wild animals don’t take well to petting, even if they’re relatively domesticated and used to humans. Contact close to a lion’s face makes them think they’re in danger and may mean they attack.

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